Google launches “Help for Hacked Sites” for Website Owners


Google has been forefront in educating people on steps that need to be taken to ensure online safety. Google’s “Good to know” initiative teaches online users on how they can prevent online phishing and hacking attempts.

But what if, as a website owner, you are already victim of a hacking attack?

Google recently unveiled series of educational videos called – “Help for Hacked Sites” – that offers a complete overview of what a website owner needs to do if his or her site has been hacked.

Help for hacked sites

Google “Help for Hacked Sites” offers set of following 8 videos that walk you through the entire process of understanding, assessing the damage and finally cleaning and maintaining a hack-free site in the future.

Step Title Technical expertise required
1 Watch the overview (completed) Beginner
2 Contact your hoster and build a support team Beginner
3 Quarantine your site Intermediate
4 Touch base with Webmaster Tools Intermediate
5 Assess the damage (hacked with spam) orAssess the damage (hacked with malware) Advanced
6 Identify the vulnerability Advanced
7 Clean and maintain your site Advanced
8 Request a review Intermediate

Although, the best thing for website owners is to prevent any hacking attacks, it is impossible for most owners to plug-in all the loopholes. And in such a scenario, these videos will be of great help in ensuring that your website is back on track with least amount of damage.

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