Five Major Trends in Technology for 2013


Technology is an ever changing play field where a revolution might happen in the blink of an eye or click of a mouse, so to say. Thereby, a year is a little too long to be talking about. Nevertheless, here are the trends we believe, will change, drive or revolutionize technology and its repercussions in 2013 and beyond.


1. Second-Screen goes inevitable

The world that we live in, doesn’t work in isolation anymore. So is true for the different modes of entertainment that we are hooked on to. We update our statuses or tweet while watching a movie on the big screen, or keep browsing on our smartphones while watching our favorite show on TV.

With a recent study claiming that more than 80% of smartphone and tablet owners use these devices while watching TV and 51% of them post on social media about it to connect with others who might be viewing the same show, the time of second screen is here.

In the new year & age we are likely to witness marketers in the search of new and interesting ways of second screen engagement. The importance of the same can be corroborated from the fact that, a recent Nielsen/IAB study found that people who saw a video ad across all “four screens” (computer, smartphone, tablet, TV) correctly recalled the ad 74 percent of the time, an increase from a 50 percent ad recall when they saw the video on TV only.

Hence, second screens not just promise better experience but better results, and a connection that extends from consumer’s drawing room to his pocket and beyond.

2. Data Pile & putting it to use

It’s been a while, since talks have been made and seminars conducted on how the “big data” is the next revolution. With internet completing 30 odd years and spreading its wings everywhere possible, the consumers are providing the companies with tonnes of data all the while. Amidst speculations and more, 2013 might just be the year when these big firms discover how to put the “big-data” they are housing, to good use.

Thorough analysis, targeted information & insightful predictions might just give the consumers some astonishing products or devices, thus making, optimization, prediction, scoring & forecasting, the buzz words.

3. Privacy sees its slow death

Privacy breaches are gradually becoming a norm with Instagram too following the suite. Though, it has been reported that the mishap has costed them a lot of users, privacy might soon be a thing of the past. Facebook has also been accused of changing its terms & conditions off and on.

Moreover, with the number of applications that ask for a lot of access and sharing from the users, seeing proliferation, privacy is bound to suffer. Not just this, there is a group of people who don’t hold privacy that dear and are bending the rules of the game.

However, with privacy at such risk, few of the digital-jamming tools might get to see the light of the day.

4. Good Bye Desktops

Microsoft Windows and Desktops that always went hand in hand seem to now have drifted ways with the latter losing on popularity and the former taking a plunge into the stylish & cool. The Window 8 launch last year didn’t include the traditional desktops in the array of systems. This was seen in the technology circle as a mark of their end.

While in India, though sales are still happening, things have moved from flattening numbers to a decline. In countries like US and other developed ones, 2013 might see the official death of desktops and their being replaced with the trendy All-in-Ones.

5. Acqui-hire the new norm

Many acquisitions that happened in the bygone year, were acqui-hire by nature, that is, the acquiring number not just bought over the company being acquired but the employees were welcomed on board too.

In the world of technology, this has been deemed as new and easy way out to lure, otherwise-difficult- to-hire, amazing talent. When Yahoo acquired a California based start-up OnTheAir, their aim was to foray into the world of mobile all decked up with superb mobile talent rather than really just putting the app to good use.

More such ways of luring new talent or another few interesting acqui-hires might be a part of 2013.

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  1. Pradeep Kolanu says

    This is one of the best gift in this new year , we all are living in the world of electronics, so as the technology will change their trends, we are going to have, better and better products.

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