adds real-time Fog related Train delays!


Among all the Indian Railways’ websites, is probably the only site, which I seen working consistently well, in addition to having a user friendly interface. Over last few months they have been adding various features that enable train travellers to track the trains in real-time.

Today, trainenquiry has launched another feature that is especially useful in winter seasons. During this season, hundreds of trains get delayed due to existence of thick fog in path of trains. Now Trainenquiry website will offer travelers will real-time tracking of fog related delays and rescheduling of trains.

Trainequiry Fog

Mr. Sunil Bajpai, Group General Manager (FOIS) at Centre for Railway Information Systems, said

Fog is a special case. It is both predictable, happens every year around this time, and unpredictable because you never know specifically where and when it may strike. Sometimes it could lead to large-scale delays and cancellations. Due to the uncertainties, passengers need full and timely information to make their decisions. We hope this initiative fulfills that need and mitigates the fog-inflicted misery to some extent.

Trainenquiry currently offers real time delay for Trains that are still scheduled to run, and also for the ones which are getting delayed while en-route the journey. Mr. Bajpai also said that they have plans to introduce other new features in the days ahead, which includes representing the fog areas on railradar.

So, if you are planning to travel by train one of these days, make sure you head over to, to check if your train is a victim of fog. It may probably save a lot of time and effort!

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