Weekly Wrap-up: GOSF, Mobile Subscriber Numbers, Saral Money & more…


Here is a quick wrap-up of all the popular posts that were published on trak.in last week.


Here are 7 golden rules for personal branding in 2013. If you follow these rules, there is no doubt you will achieve what you have set out yourself to achieve.

If a foreign company want to setup a liaison office in India, here is a step-by-step guide.

Nokia has been struggling to remain afloat and hold on to its market share for past couple of years. Here is what Nokia is doing to save its house.

This one is very interesting article – Is texting hurting your language or is it just a natural progression of language in changing times.

Here is how you can effectively manage your Brands Reputation online.

Google released much awaited Google Maps app for iOS, much to the joy of millions of iPhone and iPad users. There was no doubt otherwise that Apple was taking unfair advantage of people’s dependence on it.

Global Trends 2030 report released by US Intelligence agency gives insights on how India can be 2nd biggest economy by 2030, however she is highly vulnerable to volatility of key resources.

According to Snapdeal, 85 percent of all mobile phones and 90 percent of all tablets sold in India are below Rs. 5000 and Rs. 10000 respective. This clearly shows that India is a highly price conscious market.

GOSF or the Google’s great online shopping festival was one of the most talked about events by Indian Netizens last week. However, according to me it turned out to be more of Great online shopping farce. Though, many retailers registered 300% growth in their sales.

We are increasingly living in the connected world, thanks to emergence of smart devices. The connected devices market grew a respectable 27 percent last year with Samsung leading the market share!

Here is a toon that precisely shows how the shopping will be done this festive season!

In a bid to bring down Aakash tablet prices, a proposal to setup a manufacturing unit has been put forth in cabinet. It is expected that Aakash manufacturing cost can come down to less than USD 30 as compared to current USD 49.

As is the case every year, Google has released their Google Zeitgeist which offers insight on what people searched on the internet, I am sure some results are really surprising.

TRAI latest report for October 2012 shows that Indian mobile subscriber numbers have fallen further to 904 million.

Government has launched Saral Money, an Aadhar linked instant Banks accounts from 5 leading Banks that will enable people to receive and send money easily.

Here is an excellent report on attracting, retaining and managing talent.

Here is our weekly Business news and technology news recap.

2012 Recap

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