Weekly Wrap-up: Google Shopping Festival, iTunes India Entry & more…


We are now well into December and I am sure everyone one of you would be eagerly waiting for 2013. We will be doing number of “Best of 2012” articles this week onwards, which I am sure you will enjoy. In the meanwhile, let us look at some of the buzzing posts that were published on Trak.in last week.


Mast Kalandar, a North Indian Fast food chain raised series C funding Venture Funding of Rs. 33 Crore rupees. The round was led Helion Venture Partners and was co-invested by Footprint Ventures.

Please join this innovative crowd funded cause – A road in remote North-East India is being built on donations and local community help without any Government support. Any Individual can Sponsor a small stretch of road and get it named after you!

So this is a question, which we have still not got any answers to – Are Mobiles harmful for your health or not? Here is a infographic that lists down research findings that have been done till date on this subject. They create more confusion, rather than coming to a conclusion.

This is something you should really watch out for – Google’s online shopping festival. Although, just an aggregator, Google doing it, itself gives it lot of weightage. Mark your calendars for 12-12-12.

Here is a list if you are in market for buying a good tablet – The Top 5 seven inch tablets of 2012.

Ecommerce is growing, that is known fact, but it is the online ticketing space that is growing even faster compared to other verticals.

If you are even remotely interested in politics, Indiavotes.com is a site that you should definitely look out for! It is probably the most comprehensive political stat site till date!

Go ahead sign the petition created by Google to keep the Internet free and open without any boundaries!

Apple took a major step by launching a localized version of itunes in India which now lists down thousands of Indian songs and videos.

Did you know that only 4 percent Indians have Smartphones and yet she is ranked 5th in the world based on numbers.

TRAI has come up with an important announcement – They have published minimum quality guidelines which every wireless data service provider should offer to its users. No more slow internet data speeds!

This is a must watch – The 10 most popular videos that Indians watched in 2012!

Although Android is really growing at a very healthy pace, Apple is still expected to lead the tablet market with nearly half the market share till 2016.

Here is a look at how Indians use their mobile phones and for what!

iPad Mini has been launched in India. The best part about it is that iPad Mini’s price in India has been kept within the reach of masses, unlike other Apple products.

This will come as a jolt to millions of free Google apps for domain users – It is not free anymore. But people with free accounts will still enjoy it without any costs.

To push entrepreneurship in India and for Socio-Economic growth, Government has proposed to launch a Rs. 500 crore innovation fund.

Did you encounter any issues with your Facebook cover photo… Was it removed without any intimation to you? Facebook is aggressively removing timeline cover photos that are in FB policy violations!

And finally, here is a look at the top Indian Business and Technology news of last week.

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