Where is Aakash Tablet Made? [Infographic]


Datawind has published an Infographic, that clearly gives you peek into which part of Aakash was made where. This Infographic has been published in response to the huge controversy  that was created due to the Hindu article that stated that Aakash 2 was a off-the-shelf China product.

The Infographic gives you a perspective of all 3 versions of Aakash (I, II and III) and which aspect has been made where. While all the 3 versions have been conceived, assembled and programmed in India, they have been designed in Canada (Datawind is Canada based company).

And the big controversy about Aakash being “Made in China” seems to be quite hollow. It follows the same story as Apple or any other tablet. For Aakash 2, only the motherboard kitting has been done in China. As you may have read Datawind’s response which we published earlier, this was done because they wanted to meet the deadline.

On a personal level, I fully believe that Aakash is an Indian innovation. The idea of Aakash was conceived and brought into fruition by some very able Indian minds. If it was as simple as picking it up from China, why no other country has been able to do it (including China themselves).

I am really not sure why there are so many detractors of Aakash – This is one device which has power to put India in the forefront on technology innovation. Lets support it!



  1. Janmejai says

    That means the most important part that is development and design is done outside India,Surely who have ever used Gadgets will never buy it but it’s also the truth that still Millions of People and More importantly Students have never used any gadget therefore it will bring some change, if government provides it to those students who have never used any gadget not to those Big university Students who have already lots of better gadgets.

  2. Raghavendra Kopalle says

    I don't want to be a detractor. I partly agree Aakash is a step in the right direction but there are few things that worry me.
    1) Why do we try to reinvent the wheel & call it innovation? Companies like Ainol are selling much better spec'ed tabs for $100, definitely prodn costs will be much lower. Why cant the govt procure such devices in volumes and sell them at a subsidized cost? Patting ourselves that it is totally made in India is merely wasting time thereby not giving enough space for the system itself to mature. Some countries are good at manufacturing like China some at services. Let us accept it and work out how best we can come up with a working system rather than go for false prestige.
    2) Coming to the system itself- What makes me even more skeptical is the lack of content. There are many research organizations, non profits working on Indic languages and developing educational content. These devices are going to be ultimately used for educating students. But where is the content? Shows how shortsighted the Govt is and merely creating hype.
    3) Also no one speaks of the longevity of a $50 tablet. But if the device itself wears out in a year or two, does the govt expect the kids in villages to buy one every other year? On ground, the schools which Aakash is intended to be used are govt schools, etc in villages where you cannot expect the kids to handle it delicately in A/c rooms.

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