Weekly Wrap-up: Aakash 2 clarification, Wipro Greenest Company & more…


Here is a quick wrap-up of all the posts published on Trak.in last week.


Aakash 2 was in the news whole of last week. Earlier in the week we published an interview with man  behind Aakash 2 tablet, and by end of the week, it was embroiled in another controversy, that Aakash 2 tablets were made in China. Here is an official response from Mr. Tuli of Datawind on that controversy.

This is one list you should bookmark and keep it for reference – 10 Most popular Social Media Analytics and Engagements tools.

If the alternative energy sector has to grow, Technology companies have to take the lead and innovate, without which our dependence on fossil fuels in not likely to decrease.

One of the most popular posts of last week was “Should upper middle class Indian bother investing”. This post is part 1 of the series of posts that will help middle class to understand their investments better.

The Mobile market his seeing quite a bit of change in its pecking order. Nokia has been slipping and slipping, while Samsung has been gaining and gaining to reach at the top of the charts.

Here is something that we should all be very proud about. Wipro has beaten likes of Nokia, Dell, Apple and others to become the greenest Electronics company in the world.

Two Months after HDFC bank launched its Android app in English it has introduced SMS mobile banking in Hindi, and has also launched the hindi version of Android app.

Thanks to the gateway developed by C-DAC, it may be possible to get your passport in less than a weeks time. At least that’s a promise!

Here is a nice visualization of all the important news that took place in Indian E-Commerce space over past 3 years. [some more analysis..]

Out toon on Kasab being a product of Microsoft is actually quite funny, but looks like some too offence to it.

We had an interesting guest post last week, and the subject was whether economic growth of a country reflects the improvement in standard of living for people in India. The answer is not really what you think.

Give the reigns of investment to your female partner or spouse – Study says that Women are better investors than the men [Infographic].

It is not surprising that Indians remit more money back home than any other country in the world.

M-AdCall is a new way of mobile advertising where the users get free talktime for watching video ads. Do you think this concept will work.

According to Ericsson Mobility Report, India was the slowest growing Mobile country in the world.

Government of India has sanctioned close to Rs. 5000 crore for modernization of over 1.55 lakh post offices in India.

Pantel announced launch of its 2G voice calling tablet which some really great specs that should appeal to cross-section of consumers.

RBI has come up with a circular which has given a mandate that all Banks and Financial Institutions should move to IPV6 internet protocol by end of December 2012.

And, finally here is a look at all the Top Indian Business News and Technology news through the week.

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