M-AdCall: The Next Big Thing in Mobile Advertising?


Quite recently when Star Gold resorted to mobile advertising for promotion of the TV Premier of the Super-hit movie Bol Bachchan, there seemed to be no big deal. In reality there was, for they exposed the Indian viewers with a new form of mobile advertising, with the aid of a technology called “m-AdCall”.

As a part of the activity, the users were awarded with a free talk time of 60 seconds, for viewing a video advertisement of 30 seconds duration. With this, Star Gold registered itself as the first broadcaster to put the technology to use. They were powered by Astute and made use of services offered by MTS Network.


Presently, “m-AdCall” is possible only through MTS and DoCoMo networks; however, it wouldn’t be high time before other operators adopt it.

The fact that the number of mobile phone users in India now total over 900 million, leaves no room for skepticism concerning the potential of mobile phones as an advertising medium.

Furthermore, as huge as 27 million people hooked on to their smart phones, gives the advertisers immense scope to try stuff that’s new and of appeal. Of late, lot of ads have been hitting the smart phone screens, and understandably so, as worldwide, mobile phones outnumber TV sets by over 3 to 1, PC based internet users by over 4 to 1, and the total laptop and desktop PC population by nearly 5 to 1.

Hence, the contribution of mobile to total digital advertising spends happening in India, is certain to proliferate from the current stand of 10%.

However, the need of a catalyst seems to be inevitable to pull the revolution through, and m-AdCall may just be the thing. This whole new approach to advertising over the handsets is not just a far cry from the typical forced-upon phone calls, boring SMSs, and interrupting display ads, which had made mobile advertising myopic and nothing more than an intrusion, but also is in sync with viability and affordability of communication.

Quite honestly, not many of us would mind earning a few extra minutes of talk time, by viewing a few advertisements, which otherwise might be forced upon us while watching our favorite Television show. Moreover, the feature could be extended to enable users to win not just talk time but exciting gifts, surprises, merchandise and so on.

m-AdCall, thus, is a path breaking mobile content delivery platform, which makes it possible for users to view a video or a full length TVC, for that matter, prior to and post making a call, downloading stuff from the internet, or accessing internet otherwise.

m-AdCall Introduction Video

What makes the experience worthwhile and not irritating is the fact that these videos are high in quality and consequently stream seamlessly. Also, it allows delivering customized content to the user based on his/her profile. Thereby, the brand-new app shows promise to revive the ways in which marketers looked at brand outreach via mobile phones.

Hence, interactive Rich Video Advertising is undoubtedly the next generation technology innovation in the ambit of mobile media.

Would love to hear your opinion on m-AdCall – Do you think, it will be the next big thing in Mobile Advertising?

  1. Ashish Chowdhary says

    I really liked the concept. I still have a few queries:
    1) What if I dial a number, see the add and as soon as the ad is finished, disconnect the call (so I've actually not connected the call but I still earn extra talk time).
    2) From where does the "customised" content come in picture? How does the content provider know what I like or not?

    1. Pooja Mishra says

      Ashish.. To answer to your second query, just like ads over internet are placed after keeping track of the content user has been searching or browsing of late, same applies here!

      And, for the first query.. Such loopholes shall see light once the technology becomes popular!

  2. Ajay Agrawal says

    I don't get it.. It's great for the brands but maybe not for end users.. Quite honestly, lot many users would mind viewing ads just to earn few extra minutes of talk time especially when talk time is already at rock bottom prices.. just my opinion..

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Ajay… A lot will depend on the kind of ads that will be shown. If they are intelligent to understand users demographics and needs and displays related ads then I think it can work. And however, low the prices may be, they are not free… It may not appeal to all, but surely college students will get attracted to this kind of advertising…

    2. Sudarshan Rangarajan says

      the best part is that the user gets to choose
      so if I want to make a long duration call, I wont mind a 30 sec video making it free. Have to see if it works for STD calls too. if that is the case then there will be a plethora of hostel living college students who will prefer this.

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