Alternative Sources of Energy – Technology has to take lead!


Sometime back, I wrote an article on the conditions of batteries in technology. Right now, they are the true bottle necks and if they are worked through, it would be the biggest revolution since we learnt that silicon is not just sand. This is something I truly believe in.

In fact, I believe that it is the technology companies that will eventually have the biggest hand in any kind of energy revolution that can happen in this world.

In other words, It is only after the tech giants start moving, the wheel of energy will move on the path of change.

It is now hidden from no one that we are living in an era where energy crisis is around the corner. Maybe, it has already arrived! Anyone who does not believe this must at least leave his whole house on for a week. Or leave the car on for whole night. No one would do that, because the prices are exorbitant. And for the petrol prices- Boy, NASA cannot send rockets upwards at a faster pace. All this when Crude oil is doing its final laps.

Yes, we are in a crisis and our future generations will be even in more crisis. The solution is simple- Move to other power sources. Many are there already-

  1. Solar
  2. Wind
  3. Nuclear
  4. Tidal
  5. Piezo
  6. Hydrogen

There are more but these are already going on with testings and all. To say that the progress is satisfactory is laughable (though that is what most people will have us believe). The progress is there but it is painfully slow and the results either redundant or too costly for mass implementation. This is not the way we want to go, do we?

Enter Tech Companies!

Every tech company, even before the internet came into the picture share one common trait (it is not that they want to, but they have to- survival thing). This trait is adaptability and ability to change at a faster pace than the monolith giants in other industries.

Microsoft is, for example, considered a slow company in the tech world but in its span it has changed Windows multiple times, Office several times, has come up with XBOX and LIVE, and finally is launching Windows 8 – a revolution for Microsoft itself. Companies like Facebook or Google or Apple are even faster paced. Their work is obviously different but their way of working is fast and thus they will fill a new enthusiasm in the energy field.

Other companies like Samsung, HTC, Nokia or any other company for that matter share this trait now. In the tech world everything is fast paced and I will never understand why the humble battery got left out of this party.

If though, energy revolution starts in the backyard of any of these companies, their thirst for excellence and habit of speed will give the necessary wings the energy sector needs to, ahem, fly.

Wireless Electricity is a prime example of a technology that was dormant for some time but as soon as these tech companies looked at it, the technology primed. It is already in mass production and is improving like anything. And to think, this technology was already available to us since Nikola Tesla first introduced it.

Maybe, it is faith, but I believe that unless tech giants jump in the mud pool of energy crisis, none of us coming out of it.

Here is an interesting Infographic that shows India’s energy fallout in 2011.


[Infographic Source]

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