India’s Most Popular Employers – Tech Rules!


Linkedin, the largest professional Social Network recently launched an excellent tool – “LinkedIn’s Most InDemand Employers” which basically are interactive set of rankings of the most sought-after companies on LinkedIn.

These rankings are based on on billions of interactions from that happen on LinkedIn by their 175M+ members.

At a global level, Google tops the chart followed by Apple and Microsoft. It is interesting to note that among the top 5 most sought after companies, 4 are in Technology / Internet domain, while 5th most popular, Unilever, is in the FMCG domain.

The Top 20 most popular Employers

Most-popular companies globaly


Most popular Employers in India – Tech Rules!

Accenture tops the charts of most popular employers in India. Again, if you look the graphic given below, it is completely skewed in favour of Tech companies. 18 out of top 20 are all Technology companies in the most favored list. Bharti Airtel & Vodafone are the only non-tech companies in top twenty, coming in at 7th and 20th respectively.


If you consider popularity of employers by job function (at Global level), both the Software Engineers as well as Marketing professionals want to get into Google, While the Finance & accounting personnel find Deloitte most attractive company.

Is this the reality?

I am not sure… the numbers are so skewed towards technology companies, that it is quite evident that majority of people on Linkedin are tech oriented professionals and hence most popular companies are Tech companies as well.

Having said that, 175 plus members is a large enough base to present a fair reality…only that it is favoring tech companies more.

Check out LinkedIn’s interactive tool, let us know what you think!

  1. levine lawrence says

    Hi Arun,
    thank you very much for publishing this interesting survey. hoewever, as you pointed out, this survey is heavily skewed towards IT companies. It is obvious that most people on Linkedin are from that sector. check the Hewitt survey for the best employers in india –

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