Top 10 Indian Twitter Trends of the week


Were you too busy throughout to week to keep track of things? You might be, but the Indian twitterati’s were not. Here are the trending topics about which they talked about through-out this week.

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The Top 10 Twitter trends this week.

1. #coalgate & 2. BJP

The Coal blocks allocation matter remained in the conversation again this week. The repeated scams and ‘Ghotalas’ are increasing the fury among people and they are venting it out through the Social Media. Twitter is being used as a very effective medium for such discussions.

3. #waystoirritateme

This is one those frequently created meme-trends about a particular subjects which goes viral. In this case Twitter users told on what subjects thing, they get irritate – This trend managed massive mentions.

4. #modihangout

Gujarat Chief Minister interacted with the public through the Google hangout. The event was much discussed before and after it happened. People used the hash tag #modihangout in all the conversations around the topic.

5. #kasab

So finally, Supreme Court of India has rejected the plea of Ajmal Kasab and upheld the High Court’s ‘Hang Him to Death’ decision. Now he is in the long list of the people who are waiting to to go to gallows. Again one of the frequently discussed subject by Twitterati!!

6. #lfc 

7. Indian Idol

Does Indian Idol need an introduction? The most famous singing reality show in India just concluded yesterday, but the hype was around the whole week. People were excited to see who wins the competition, with Vipul from Punjab emerging the winner.

8. #VMA & 9. #VoteBieber

#VMA and #VoteBieber were seen as widely used tags to support Justein Biber in the Most Shared Video Contest on MTV. Yes, although not Indian, lot of Indians were talking about him on twitter!

10. Samsung & Apple

Apple wins $1.02 Billion from Samsung in a Patent related lawsuit in US, but later loses out in another lawsuit in Japan. Things were bound to be discussed, and so it happened. Samsung and Apple were mentioned multiple times in the tweets.

As we all know, Twitter is a very effective and powerful medium to share our thoughts. We don’t want you to miss out on the trends on such a medium, and so are waiting for you to return next week for another dose of weekly trends!

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