4 Brand New Facebook features you may not know of…


The social networking giant, Facebook, is well known to regularly bring new features, scrap the old ones (which see less adoption) and keep changing the interface of the site. Keeping the legacy alive, the website has been on a spree to release some new features over the last few weeks.

The new features are a mix that would benefit different types of Facebook users. While some are supposed for businesses that want to target their products or services using Facebook Pages, some other are aimed at the average Facebook User. While a feature lets you read how Facebook affected People’s lives, another may allow you to bookmark stories to be read later.

Let us have a look at some of these features and try to analyze how they would benefit you.

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories

Facebook has launched a new sub site facebookstories.com. This website lets you know how Facebook has affected the average user’s life in a not so average way. This platform has been launched so that people can share how the social networking website has made a difference to their life.

This month’s story, based on the theme ‘Remembering’, shares how Mayank Sharma from Delhi is using Facebook to recover his memory which he lost due to Tuberculosis Meningitis. If you want your story to be submitted, you can do so via the ‘Submit your story’ button on Facebookstories.com.

Save to read Later

Although, this is not visible to everyone at present, it looks like Facebook is rolling out this feature in phased manner. Does a story on Facebook have caught your attention but you don’t have much time to read it? Don’t worry. With a new feature, you can now save stories to be read later. It is similar to a ‘bookmark’. We could not locate it on our Facebook dashboard, however, according to a article on TNW, the “save” link appears below each story and the saved folder has been added the favourites section main user menu, where it sits below ‘friends’, ‘news feed’ and other well used links.

save feature

Post Targeting

This feature would allow the Facebook Page admins to target their posts to a specific group of people. The admins would have the option to target posts based on age, gender, location etc. This would be pretty useful, especially if the page wants to display one news to a particular bunch of people and different news to another set of people. For example, a company page may want to show different offers to people based in different countries. Again, we were not able to confirm this ourselves, as it has not been rolled out to all Facebook Page admins. According to post on Socialfresh – This is how Page Targeting looks.

facebook page targeting

Facebook App Center

The Facebook has now launched an App Center to house all the different applications on the Facebook platform at a single place. The App Center was launched to users in India last month and now it is also available to Indian users. Facebook App Center has thousand on apps in different categories like games, music, photos, travel, sports, news readers etc. The App center would provide ratings for every application to give an idea about which app is a better one.

Facebook App center

So these are the latest applications launched recently by Facebook. Do let us know your opinions about these features in the comments below!!!

  1. Omkar Mishra says

    Read It later can be a great feature if Facebook does implement it..We do have time constraints where there isn’t sufficient time to check each article posted on Facebook..We wouldn’t have to rely on other apps such as ‘Pocket’ to do it for us…

    1. trakin says

      Yes, 2 features will be really useful for Facebook users…. Read it late and Page targeting…

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