launches India’s first Office supplies e-store [Interview]


Pune based startup, Orange Supplies Pvt. Ltd. have recently launched India’s first Office supplies online store – – that enables small & medium sized businesses to buy all office supplies on a single online platform at competitive prices.

esupply differs from a normal online store due to the fact that their targeted clients are businesses and not direct consumers. Due to this, their logistics model is also slightly different.

Esupply founders have an interesting background as well – Both of them are Germans. Simon Kruger (CEO) came to India 3 years back to do some research on Indian startups, which is when he met David Neisinger (COO) who himself was working with a Pune based offshoring company after finishing his studies in Bangalore. 

They got together to develop after seeing huge potential for this space in Indian market. They currently have a 10 people team based out of Pune.

Given that office supply market requires lot of offline interaction as well, I was curious to know about their Business model. I spoke to founders of esupply to understand the same and how they were planning to scale.

Here is one interesting thing David told me in the interview – The name of their company is Orange Supplies and so for every delivery they make to a client, they also deliver a real orange!

Check out the video below of my interaction with them:

[Note: Unfortunately, the audio quality of video is quite bad as we were sitting in large meeting room of our new office that we recently shifted to. There is lot of echo and you may need to strain your ears a bit to understand]

[We at are planning to do a lot more startup interviews going forward. If you have an interesting startup, we would like to talk to you. Do get in touch with us on interviews-at-trak-dot-in]

  1. Mathew says


    Was e-supply an FDI? Does a company registered in India with foreign beneficiaries come under FDI policies?


  2. Will Muir says

    Audio is pretty terrible…'s not going to make it easy to listen to or share…

  3. Willis Muir says

    Id like to add that we use at home, and the company I run and the charity I founded. I think they are great. Its all about the range of products and the ease of order/delivery. Thanks @esupply!

  4. David says

    Hi Vivek,
    Just to have the facts right: We actually started before Officeyes.

    Nevertheless…why does it matter who was first?

    1. Vivek Krishnan says

      Hi David,
      Just curious, thank you for the clarification.

  5. Vivek Krishnan says

    Umm, this is not India’s first online office supply store. I believe Officeyes in India has started operations before this startup. :)

  6. Anthony Hsiao says

    @every spark

    you are right, there are many other website, and even more ‘brick and mortar stores’. Competition is generally healthy for the consumer, and innovation, new models, new ways of doing things are worth exploring. That’s how a country can progress.

    Plus, this market is ‘ready for disruption’. There are many inefficiencies, many things that can be done better, and that is the opportunity that all those sites pursue.

  7. every spark says

    but there are more websites which are already there… does it still makes sense to open up another one ?

  8. Anthony Hsiao says

    Hey, great interview – the audio is not all that bad!

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Thanks Anthony – Hopefully we will get to talk to you when you are here..

  9. Anthony Hsiao says

    @david – we're an outsourcing company :-p though yeah, we do offshore development.

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