Finally, Microsoft Windows 8 to arrive by late October


Almost three years back in October 2009, Microsoft Corporation had made Windows 7 to be available for common public. Now, the company is set to release Window 8 in October 2012. The software will be available in 109 languages across 231 markets worldwide including India.

According to CEO, Steve Ballmer, this will be the biggest product and services launch year in the company’s history and the new Windows 8 operating system will be available in August for computer, tablet or smartphone makers to build into hardware.

Windows - 8

Computer enthusiasts and reluctant users alike can get licensed version of new Windows 8 by paying $39.99 (approx Rs. 2200/- in India). The people who are buying PC today can upgrade to Windows 8 for $14.95 (Approx Rs. 800/-). Microsoft’s Skydrive cloud is tightly integrated with Windows 8 that will enable them to store and share personal data among various devices with ease. The latest version of Microsoft’s OS is based on the new design language called Metro.

Microsoft has added some new features to the latest release including USB 3.0 support, customize the Task Bar, and Windows Store.

However, certain key features are missing.

There is no Start Menu – One major criticism that most people will agree with is the apparent loss of the “Start Menu,”. At least, I am the one who don’t like the absence of start menu.

– The convenient & much used ‘Search’ option disappeared.

– Windows 8 also lacks fluent multi-tasking and task / app switching.

Windows 8 upgrade, a tough call for users?

I think Windows 8, a slick and bold OS will may not really heat up the OS market. Personally, I would not install the latest version of Windows until my system needs its next hardware refresh. I am pretty satisfied with Windows 7. I just don’t like to change for the sake of change.

Certainly, I doubt, Microsoft will be able to convince business users about the advantages of Windows 8.  Only time will tell whether this new OS will follow the success of Windows 7 (company sold more than 630 million licenses) or it will turn to disaster as it happened in case of windows Vista.

  1. Senthil Kumar B says

    Being a techie person , i would definitely update to Windows 8 . Infact , i already have Windows 8 RP . Change is Constant :) . Try using Windows 8 , only then you will feel whether it fits your needs ot not …

  2. Dharuna Manivannan says

    wondering about the fast boot feature in Win 8 unlike the previous ones!

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