Weekly Wrap-up: New Mobile connections delay, Most bribed city, Samsung online store & more…


Here is a quick wrap-up of some of the popular posts that we published on trak.in last week.


You are aware of Indian Standard Time right, not the literary one, but the way how Indians interpret it. If meeting is 8 that means it is actually 8ish…so anytime after 8. Two creative minds have now come up with a watch which shows the “ish” time and the watch is called The ish watch.

Here are few tips on how startups or even larger companies can take steps to make internal communication more effective.

What is your opinion – Do celebrity endorsements really work?

Indian Brands are going at great lengths to understand the shoppers Psyche – They are using mystery shopping services to see how the consumer react to their brand and what are the changes required to bring about a positive change in consumers mind.

Samsung now joins Nokia to launch its own online store – However, like Nokia, one really does not understand the reason for launching the same. Neither pricing or anything else is competitive enough for them to attract customers. What do you think?

For National security reasons, agencies have come up with guidelines for telecom operators for new mobile connections. What takes a few hours right now for activating a new connection, may be a wait time of about 6-7 days going forward if those recommendations are implemented.

Here are a few tips on how Organizations can reduce the gap between senior management and employees.

You would be surprised to read this – Bangalore is the most bribed city in India as per ipaidabribe.com’s survey. Like I mentioned in the article, the findings are skewed because Bangaloreans are more active online and that probably is the reason.

M-Commerce is on the rise in India. It is expected to be a USD 74 billion business worldwide by 2015. To cash on this growth we have hordes of mobile wallet companies coming up. YPayCash.com is the latest entrant in this fiercely growing sector.

Education is much talked about subject in India – However, higher education is slowly becoming meaningless in India given the way we perceive our education. 

Even though Nokia’s market share has been eroding fast, it still has the number One tag in India – Here are the reasons why!

And here is a look at all the funding & M&A deals that happened in India in the previous week.

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