Startup Buzzwords every Entrepreneur should know [Infographic]


Does words like “Freemium” or “Virality” or “Pivot” sound confusing to you? If you are an Entrepreneur, especially in online space you would be familiar with them. These buzzwords are commonplace in Silicon Valley and now very much part of Indian startup scene as well.

Folks at Udemy have put together an awesome infographic called The Founders Dictionary that lists down quite a few of those startup related buzzwords. It is interesting to go through the definitions, especially because some of them really funny as well.

And BTW, Out of all the ones given below, I was not aware of 2 of them. Mock Vortex Principle & Wheelhouse. Check-out yourself to find out how many you know (or don’t know).

[Note: Click on the image below to zoom, which will make it much more readable]

So what’s your score? how many did you know?

  1. Sidhyesh says

    This is interesting stuff here. You can find all these terms in every self help or build your business books but this graphic representation does help a lot.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. Vinod Ram says

    This is an amazing reckoner for start-ups. India sure is buzzing up on the start-up front. Another site that talks about intelligently about starting-up is I personally loved the article on ‘Management Courses in India for Aspiring Entrepreneurs’

  3. Sid says

    Thank you for your post. The humorous definitions, and some of the graphics, are sure to tickle the bones and bring a whiff of fresh air in a day’s work.

  4. Facility management says

    Wow ! this is pretty interesting. Just like a puzzle game. Generally , every entrepreneur is aware of all the terms but a proper understanding is lacking. This dictionary will surely help them.

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