Mobile Media usage surpasses TV in consumer time spent [Infographic]


The mobile media consumption has grown to a proportion where now it has surpassed the amount of time spent by consumers watching TV. InMobi’s first Mobile Media Consumption report states that consumers spend 27% of their media time on mobile, compared to 22% on TV.


One of the key findings of the report is the growth of M-Commerce (E-commerce on Mobile). Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the medium for consumers to make purchases or carry out financial transactions. The report finds that Three quarters (76%) of mobile consumers plan to conduct mCommerce activities within the next year.

Even Mobile advertising is now becoming mainstream with 42% users claiming that they have found some new through this medium and over 66% of mobile users are just as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertising.

InMobi Mobile Media Consumption Infographic


Other Highlights

  • 39% of consumers use their mobile phones while watching TV.
  • 42% of mobile consumers claim mobile advertising has introduced them to something new.
  • Advertising on mobile devices has led to mobile gaining tremendous popularity as a viable shopping channel, with
  • 23% of respondents indicating that mobile ads saves time and money
  • 14% of respondents indicating that mobile ads have influenced them to buy via mobile

I have question to readers – Do you really think mobile advertising is becoming so mainstream? I find them far more intrusive than online or TV advertising (due to small screen sizes of mobile). What do you think?


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