Do Not Reject MNP Port-out requests: TRAI orders Telecom Operators


TRAI has taken a serious cognizance to the fact that very high number of MNP port-out requests are being rejected by Telecom Operators in India. In interest of mobile consumers TRAI has now come out with a official directive to not reject a porting request under any circumstances except as mentioned in section 12 of the Mobile Number regulations bill 2009.

MNP requests

TRAI has also directed that all Operators should inform concerned officials in next 48 hours and submit a compliance report to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

TRAI has asked mobile operators that the donor operator should not reject any MNP requests on the grounds that they have received MNP porting cancellation request from a Subscriber through SMS, voice calls and in written form.

The reason for this is – TRAI is of the opinion that when a subscriber makes a request, the donor operator pressurizes the subscriber to withdraw the same by incentivizing him or offering goodies to stay on. This is against the MNP guidelines given by TRAI.

Such cases are especially true when a post-paid subscriber tries to move out from one operator to other as they offer much higher ARPU’s than pre-paid customers.

High percentage of rejection rates for MNP requests have been a perpetual problem – Few months back TRAI had come out with yet another directive to stop Operators from rejecting these request for very minor and flimsy reasons. Something like, if a user has an outstanding of just 50 paise, the porting request was rejected.

Overall, it is definitely a good step – this will ensure that operators don’t pressurize subscribers into staying with them!

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