Wow! Indians most willing to donate to Wikipedia…


This is one news that has made me really happy – According to the study published by Wikimedia, Indians have expressed strongest desire to donate to Wikipedia. Over 42% of Indians are willing to donate as compared to 33% Americans.

Wikipedia concluded its annual fundraising on January 2nd and raised a record-breaking USD 20 million from more than one million donors from nearly every country in the world. Wikipedia carried out a study to understand these donors and have published the findings.

Highlights of Wikipedia study findings:

– On average 47% of readers did not know that Wikipedia was a non-profit entity run entirely on donations!

– Russia (64%), Brazil (56%) and the United States (56%) were the top 3 countries who lacked awareness. While Egypt (70%) and India (61%) had highest level of Wikipedia’s not-for-profit status! Even 28% of readers who had edited Wikipedia were also unaware of the same.

– While more men (44%) donated than women (36%), women are much more likely to be continued supporters, with 14% of them having donated more than 5 times, compared to only 6% of men.


– Readers from India (42%), Egypt (33%) and US (33%) expressed a strongest desire to donate. readers from Germany (13%), France (11%) and Japan (15%) were relatively less likely to donate.

46% of the all readers said that they could not donate because of affordability factor. 57% of Indian readers cited affordability as a reason that they could not donate.


It is really interesting that Indians are generally more knowledgeable about Wikipedia as compared to their global peers and at the same time they are also more willing to donate than others.

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