5 great Ideas to Make Money out of your knowledge, skills and expertise!


If you thought that your ability to make money was only limited to the scope of your degree certificate, you couldn’t be more wrong. Especially in an era when ‘Googling’ a query is more reliable than asking a friend! Take advantage of these massive technological leaps and a global audience by starting to make money from your knowledge and skills.

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Start Consulting

If you are a manager dealing with managing staff, finances or operations, you can use these managerial skills to become a consultant. All it takes is a good website and a professional approach to offer your expertise to start ups that may be cash strapped to hire a full time expert but may have just enough budgets to hire a freelance consultant like you. Consultation can be done via emails, video conferences, conference calls or personal visits. What’s more, you may even get to travel a lot if your job is in on-field.

Write a book

Are you an accountant by day but an avid and passionate writer by night? Your book doesn’t really need to be a novel sized book. It can even be a series of exciting ‘Do-It-Yourself’ books or travel blogs that you’ve taken from your many years of touring a certain region of the world. In the day and age of eBooks, publishers are willing to give budding authors a chance because of low publishing and marketing costs.

Start online classes

Many of us get sucked into the rut of life only to forget what we are really passionate or talented about. A typical example can be that of a sales executive working in a multi national bank who may be an expert at playing the drums. If you can relate to this example, you can start your very own online classes by either giving one-on-one lessons via video conferencing or posting videos on YouTube. And if your video happens to go viral on YouTube, we don’t need to tell you that you may rake in a lot of moolah!

Start an Expert Forum

Is electronics your hobby? Are you a pottery expert? Do you have extensive knowledge in the art of Yoga? These questions are just examples. The point we are trying to make is that if you consider yourself to be an expert in a particular area, why don’t you start an online forum where users can post questions for you to answer? If your forum becomes successful, you can start charging for advertisements and promotions.

Sell products that are a result of your hobby

Hobbies such as arts, handicrafts, paintings, knitting, etc usually involve making something. That something can be a painting, a sweater, a bag or any other miscellaneous item. Have you ever thought that your impromptu painting can catch someone’s eye who may want to put it up in their lounge room? Your hobby could be worth a lot of money if you market it and sell it the right way to the right niche target market. You can either make your own Ecommerce website and upload the products, or take advantage of the many existing online selling portals that are being used to sell such products.

Before you jump on to any of these suggestions, be reminded that you will not attain success, fame or heaps of money overnight. Like all the other good things in life, making money from your skills and expertise will take a lot of hard work and patience.

Happy selling!

Let us know if you have any other ideas up your sleeve…

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