US says it “goofed up”, but still has wrong Indian Map on their website!


We generally do not report any political news, but this is something that I do feel strongly about and hence I am posting it.

Today mainstream media portals as well new channels reported that US has fixed the map on their main Government website that wrongly depicted part of Jammu & Kashmir in Pakistan. However, when we checked those websites, the map still seems to be showing the borders wrongly.

Following is show when you visit India Map on US Government Website:

India-Map-on USA Govt Website

One could say that probably the map had not been updated as yet – however, if you hover over the India map, it shows that the map date of 01/04/2012 (now, I may be wrong as that date may be not be the updated map date – however, today is 5th and the date shows 4th!).

Full Jammu & Kashmir Map


Additionally, if you look at the Pakistan map, it also shows part of J&K on their map.

Indian authorities have been strongly protesting about this for past few months and US seems to have taken a note of it, but actual maps remain unchanged.

Following is what various mainstream media websites reported:

"We made a goof and we fixed it and we’re now back in compliance with our own cartographical policy," State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters at her daily news conference as she announced the posting of the new and corrected maps of India on the website of the State Department and its travel related sites.

You can check out the video of that statement on the TOI website as well.

Globally Indian map has been wrongly depicted many times – India-China Border as well as India-Pakistan border.

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  1. Rit Mehta says

    Unless India leaves defensive stature and becomes offensive..there is no solution till hindus awaken and gets back what is considered long gone by perpetuating similar if not greater atrocities on it's enemies – and unless india does a tit-for-tat, natural justice will never be done…the cries of those slaughtered hindus since "the first waves of islamist crimes reached it's doors in six century and subsequent christian crimes and converts quickly filling up India's demographics…" will not be revenged and those innocents slaughtered, enslaved, countless children-hindu boys and girls and women…raped, abused, sold and destroyed forever by islamists and criminals like teresa…will be not justified…india needs natural justice if not an aggression to anyone.. how can a country of millions of hindus remain silenced, demoralised, subversive and submissive while the dark history of the death-cries of those innocents are not answered…they were (and are still today) killed for just being hindus and incomparable atrocities, much much more than the holocaust and Hiroshima-Nagasaki were (and are even today) committed against hindus and still everyone cares about holocaust but never mentions what islamists and christians did and are continuing to do against hindus..

  2. anbu indian says

    Kashmir is the one of the state of india. No one can’t separate indian part. India should take alert on border of kashmir. India should ready to war against mental china & mental pakistan. USA and NATO should support and help to india.

  3. Vivek Stanley says

    Grow up India. PoK is not anymore in India!

  4. sanchita says

    it is really sad state of affairs. the Indian Government too acts only when the issue is raked up in media.

  5. Ravi says

    Why do we care what US shows on its website?

  6. Raj says

    First of all , I am an Indian. I do not understand why it should be considered as a goof up from a neutral/actual point of view. PoK is long gone. The other part of Kashmir is known as Indian Kashmir is also disputed land from Pak/China point of view.
    If Indian part of Kashmir shown as part of India in the map,similar rule is applicable for Pakistan.
    Just by putting in map, it wont become part of India. Integrate the part which is remaining. Remove 356.

  7. Asho says

    Indian map is like this for the past 1 and half years i think… The worst thing is that, India’s biggest television network “Sun Network”, is displaying the map mistakenly… before 2 weeks i was watching the “Sun news”, and in background there was i\India map with mistake in Jammu and Kashmir… it was the worst thing i have ever seen…

  8. Abhishek says

    This is heights. In fact even Google Maps show this discrepancy.

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