Twitter popular in India? Not really…


where does India stand on the twitter map?

If you put this question across to Indian Twitterati, I assume the response will be quite positive. Infact, over past year or so there have been many times that India related topics were trending on twitter. Events like Anna Hazare campaign and Jan Lokpal were talked about by every Indian on Twitter.


Over last few days Twitter has been publishing a recap of everything popular on twitter in 2011 – From “Famous personalities who joined” to the “Hot Topics” that were discussed on twitter through the year.

I was pretty confident that India related stories or personalities will figure somewhere – But after going through Twitters “Year in Review” list, I could not find a single India related mention anywhere!

India has crossed a 100 million internet user landmark recently and that number itself is more than population of most countries. Facebook & Twitter are probably the some of the most popular services Indians use on the internet and yet Indians are not much on the twitter radar!What is the reason? Anybody?

Lets look at what WAS popular on Twitter in 2011:

Popular Twitter Hashtags

#egypt, #tigerblood, #threewordstoliveby, #idontunderstandwhy, #japan, #improudtosay, #superbowl, #jan25

Popular Cities & Countries

Cairo, Egypt, Japan, Libya, Tokyo, Dallas, Vancouver, Hawaii, Joplin, Austin

Maximum Tweets per second on Subjects

MTV Video Music Awards, Troy Davis executed,Brazil eliminated from the Copa America, End of FIFA Women’s World Cup, Steve Jobs resigns, New Years, BET Awards, Steve Jobs passes away

Interestingly, “Steve jobs resigns” had more tweets per second (7064) as compared to “Steve Jobs passes away” (6049)

Go ahead check out Twitter’s Year in Review to get complete details on what was popular on twitter through-out the year!

  1. anudeep says

    problem is people are addicted to facebook, which is the worst thing world has seen after drugs.#iHateFacebook

  2. Stocks Tips Intraday says

    I think for the business perspective twitter and facebook both are very useful and essential. But I prefer twitter as it is really viral and very easy to connect with friends, customer, clients and really helps in promoting your business. What else one need when dealing with time critical industry like stocks.

  3. List Of Desi Models says

    Almost each and every filmstars even politicians are having a twitter account even though they donot know how to open the website

  4. Child Tracker says

    Right, Facebook is more popular than Twitter in India. But most number of celebrities prefer Twitter here. I personally use Facebook more than Twitter as I don’t know how to express anything in just 140 characters. But when we talk about privacy then Twitter leads.

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