Things to know before accepting a friend request on facebook


Are you accepting a friend request on Facebook simply because you’ve got friends in common? As cool as it may seem right now, it can cause you a massive headache later on. Accepting unknown friends on Social networks, especially Facebook, has caused lot of troubles to thousands of Facebook users.


Here are a few things you should know and think about, before accepting a friend request on Facebook.

A friend, really?

Facebook is not a dating website and if you’re looking for one, there are many portals out there dedicated to dating and love. Is the friend request you’ve got on Facebook, really from a friend? A close acquaintance? Or simply someone you met at a random coffee shop for a few seconds? If you think that having a few thousand friends on Facebook can make you look really cool, think again.

It could give out an impression that you are out these to increase your popularity meaninglessly and accept just about any friend request that comes along.

Spam your feed

We all check our Facebook feeds first thing in the morning. That’s okay because it gives us an update of what’s been happening with our friends who are scattered across different countries. What is really annoying though is to see silly updates like "Going for lunch" or "Stepping out to get groceries".

Your new friend may be someone who has lots of time on hand and his/her continuous updates may take up half of your feed. We know that you can filter out such nuisances, but did you really sign up on Facebook to manage filtering people out?

Your new friend may circulate your pictures

Do we really need to tell you that there is no dearth of perverts out there who seem to have a lot of time on hand to manipulate and circulate your pictures? The last thing you’d want to see is your picture being morphed, twisted and posted elsewhere.

This caution about circulating pictures is not only limited to manipulation of pictures. An unknown new friend may also take some of your pictures and simply pass it around to his/her equally perverted friends.

Do I see a stalker in him/her?

Your Facebook profile is your online identity which reveals a lot more than simply cool pictures and likes. There have been many reported cases of stalking and harassment which have been fuelled primarily because the stalker gains vital information through the victim’s Facebook profile. Before you accept a friend request on Facebook simply because you’ve got common friends, think if he/she can be the potential stalker you’ve always feared.

And last but not the least – Always check the timeline of the person who is requesting your friendship – What does he generally talk to his friends, what his is conduct online, what does he / she share. If you think your interests match – Accept him / her as your friend on Facebook!

What’s your take?

  1. Jayanthi Vaibhav says

    nice article

  2. Tkg Namboodhiri says

    Very appropriate article. We all should be careful!

  3. Atul Modani says

    Things to know before accepting a friend request on facebook.

  4. James Greg says

    This is true, accepting a friend request on facebook is not completely risk free. A friend of such type can distribute your pics just for the fun of it. A random friend is not healthy for your profile as he can be a mischief maker and could do enough harm before you de-friending him. Any ways I’ve never known a stalker but females might have been a victim of this type.

  5. Altaf Rahman says

    Your new friend may circulate your pictures !! How true !!

    First of all I stopped using facebook when I felt uneasy with so many options for any one to check any profile on FB.

    I also advised many of my friends not to post family pictures on FB. No one seems to realise the cruel side of the world. They think by posting family related stuff on FB, they are sharing the data with friends. But what about stalkers?

  6. Vinay Kumar says

    great article….mainly to youngsters..

  7. Victor Basu says


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