Film, Fashion & Business: To formally study or not?


The debate about whether to have a formal education or not in the fields of Film, Fashion and Business is very close to our hearts. Our office got divided into two camps and the argument lasted for days. After some frantic research, phone calls, and consultation with industry experts, here is what we think. You should study! And here is why.

Learn technical knowledge quicker

With a formal education, you will be able to learn the technicalities of your area of work quicker, and in detail. You may learn that while working too, but it will be a long drawn process which requires a lot of patience. It will be a typical case of ‘fall down, learn your mistake, and get better’.

But why fall down in the first place if you are already armed with all the technical knowledge you can possible have with the help of a formal degree?

Move up the ladder with a degree

It is a separate issue if you have a business or firm of your own, but giant corporate houses, media houses and fashion houses like to boast off by promoting and hiring top level executives who have a list of degrees that can be attached behind their names.

It strengthens their company portfolio and adds to their goodwill. So why not make your journey up the ladder easier with a formal degree?

Education is a strong foundation

Are you disagreeing with our views till now? Well this is going to change everything. Even if you have a business / firm of your own, your hands-on work experience will be limited to your line of work only.

For example, if you have joined your designer friend’s boutique studio which specializes in ethnic design, your exposure to fashion will be limited to ethnic design. Where do you learn the other areas of specialties from? Here is where education comes in.

A formal degree will lay a strong foundation, giving you an insight of all the areas and avenues of work to help you carve out your own niche career path.

Make valuable future contacts

This one is a no-brainer! Can you imagine all the contacts you will make if you go to a reputed film or fashion school? You will be rubbing shoulder with the who’s who of the film and fashion world of tomorrow.

This is an invaluable asset which no amount of work experience can match. For all you aspiring film students out there, let’s suppose you studied at the The Film School of Prague (let’s suppose!).

The kind of contacts you will graduate with will be the most prized asset you can ever have to kick start you career or your business. You will be an employer magnet!

Best of both worlds

In this day and age, most reputable Film, Fashion and Business schools have incorporated internships and work experience in their coursework. So why not get the best of both worlds by studying, gaining a formal degree, and getting invaluable work experience while you do that?

Here’s a tip – Renowned and famous educational institutions will usually tie up with big corporate, giant houses and reputed labels. So try and get yourself an education from top universities to get maximum leverage for the next step in your career.

Folks, a formal education is like an asset for life. Film, Fashion and Business are no exception to this fact. You can be the greatest entrepreneur there ever lived, but the foundation that education will give you can never be replaced or matched with any amount of experience.

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