A definite sign that Google Plus for Businesses is just round the corner!


It looks like I am becoming a Google Plus Evangelist – This is the name more than one person gave me when I attended a conference yesterday. Whether that is true or not, one thing is sure – Google Plus is here to stay.

Google Plus is still in its “invite only” stage, but it has probably crossed 20 million users by now (considering that it crossed 10 million mark in 10 days of its launch). Based on updates by senior Google executives on Google Plus, it is quite clear that many new features and functionalities will be introduced in coming days.

One of features that everyone, especially businesses are waiting for, is Google Plus for Businesses – A place where enterprises will be able to put up Business profiles. There is already an update by Christian Oestlien of Google Plus about the same. They had also asked users to fill up a form if they were interested in joining the beta group of testers for Business Pages. There is no doubt this business will launch soon.

However, today while updating my profile, I came across something which definitely shows that Google Plus for Businesses is just round the corner. It may probably be launched as early as this week.

Take a look at this snapshot:

Google Plus Business Pages

While entering the name of the company you are employed with, Google showed instant dropdown menu of companies that are (probably) registered as businesses. It instantly reminded me of Linkedin !

So, Google Plus for Businesses will not be just simple Business Pages, but it will probably be something like Linkedin on Top of Google Plus. This should really make Linkedin get up and take notice, especially because till now everyone was of the opinion that Linkedin may not be too affected with Google Plus. That may not be entirely true…

As of today, if you search for a person’s name on Google, generally Linked Profile shows up in top 2 or 3 results. But with launch of Google Plus, Google Profiles have started showing up along with photo’s and few other important profile information.

This may take a lot away from Linkedin – atleast thats what it looks like.

In next 12 months, we will see lot of changes in online Social Ecosystem (personal & professional) and the prime reason for that I assume will be Google Plus!

Would love to know what you think!

  1. Akash Singh says

    wen wil google+ will launch in india?

  2. Akash Singh says

    wen wil google+ will launch in india?

  3. Akash Singh says

    wen wil google+ will launch in india?

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