Google Plus Vs Facebook: Battle of animated Gifs!


Google+ vs Facebook : The fight is on. All kind of rumors are floating around with quants predicting the number of users on G+ already. Some say it will be 10 million today and some say it will be 20 million by this weekend. Google hasn’t shared its figures yet but looking at the buzz, I can say for sure, Facebook got company. No body is killing anybody yet but there will be some bloody blows exchanged. Finally Google has arrived in the social arena with proper arsenal.

Here’s a list of all the animated GIF’s, regular images floating around on the Internet (read Google+). The attribution is provided wherever applicable. For some GIF’s I couldn’t find out the original source. If you know it, I will add it.

[Note: These are animated gif’s and are heavy. They will take time to load, so please be patient]

This is originally shared by Android Police


Google+ has hit Friendfeed instead of Facebook



Andy Robinson has originally shared this.


The detour. One of the appropriate descriptions of the scenario.


On this one though, it is a matter of your own taste. Google + is a little intimidating on this one and Facebook is less cocky. Via Micheal Alan


Many of these are exaggerated in favor of Google+. But the more appropriate and correct reaction would be this :


Google + is a wake up call for Facebook and probably Twitter too.

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  1. Patrick Buchi says

    The main problem with Facebook is that customer service sucks. They change stuff without warning, they don't answer emails, documentation is terrible. Hopefully the competition will push Facebook to improve their service.

  2. Tralie Bryant says


  3. Amber Watson says

    yea yea

  4. Hope says

    anyone know what program was used to add the logos in the pic? would love to try this out…
    thanks in advance

  5. Anand Srk says

    funny +

  6. Vamshi Maddikunta says

    This is funny :)

  7. Anthony says
  8. Ajaypratap Sidhu says

    The videos are hilarious but on a serious note,in actual too Google+ will eventually beat down facebook in the coming years.

  9. Mantas Naidzinavi?ius says


  10. yagnesh says

    this is also in need to work and fast one Google plus vs Facebook

  11. Nestor Bande says

    FB's got company now….

  12. Seo Analyst Rajesh says

    Google is Jockey and Facebook is Horse. Google is Always King….

  13. Facility Management in India says

    The videos are really very funny. But though I am a Google lover, still I think facebook cannot be beaten so easily in this race. Facebook has so many applications for business and all that today almost every business prefer facebook. If Google is with Google+1, Sparks, Hangouts, etc then be sure that facebook will also come up with new flavors. Whatever it be that will help users anyway.

  14. mehak kumari says

    yaah!!!! its right and very confising to out that how many users are in google + and facebook , ,but i know one think that no one can say that more users in google or in facebook..they have own importance in them ,,,,,google is need of person at this time because they provide greate knowledge , so a person can’t servive with out this and..facebook is used to make the social networks and that is also important in this world to survive….i think it doesn’t matter that which one has more users and also difficult to find out…….
    thanks alot…

  15. Kiran Kumar Sakaray says

    they r nice…..

  16. Ayush Gupta says

    Last one is best :D

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