5 reasons why Executive Assistant to a CEO is a great job!


Executive Assistant, which is a fancier and a more modern version for the term ‘secretary’ is an omnipresent job title that we’ve been seeing around us from time immemorial. But if we spare a second to see how indispensible the role of the modern Executive Assistant is, it’s very fascinating. Here’s why we think being an EA to a hotshot CEO is a very, very cool job.

Executive Assistants always have the feeling of being irreplaceable

Just watch what happens to a CEO when his/her EA is out of reach on the phone. They will literally tear their hair apart. From personal reminders to stakeholder meetings to client calls to picking up the kids from school, EAs manage everything for their bosses. Without EAs, their CEO’s lives are complete pandemonium.

Executive Assistants can dodge priorities

Many CEOs trust their seasoned and long time EAs to prioritise meetings for them. This points to a single thing. If you’re in the good books of a CEO’s EA, your meeting may get pushed earlier. But mind you, EAs also take a lot of flak from last minute cancellations on their boss’ behalf. So be prepared for a super exciting roller coaster ride which will test your organising skills to the maximum.

Executive Assistants have the best contact sheets

What can be better than having the email addresses and personal phone lines of the who’s who of an industry. It is a different matter whether an EA will use them or not, but just the fact that one has such a contact sheet at one’s fingertips, is a matter of power. So if you are fond of being the go-to person for all ‘contacts related queries’, an EA’s job is for you.

An Executive Assistant knows people’s personal choices

The fun part about being an EA is that you know the family of your CEO and their friends inside-out. Favorite flowers, favorite party spot, favorite holiday destination, favorite champagne and favorite chocolates. It always adds a touch of warmth when you’re talking to someone and you know their personal choices, right? So this job is much more than just a job.

Executive Assistants are exposed to the life of the rich and famous

Wouldn’t you love to know how to organize a yacht party? Wouldn’t you know which Head Chef of a seven star hotel to call to lay out the best table for a high profile meeting? Wouldn’t you love to go to a designer store to hand pick festive season’s gifts for top officials? If your answer to all the questions is yes, start prepping up an application form for an EA.

Of course, a Executive Assistants job is not all glamour and no work. But the perks associated with these jobs can give you a very satisfying feeling. Your organisational skills, time management, efficiency and ability to keep up in a fast paced environment will be tested. And what we like about this role the best is that no day is the same.

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