WoW! RTI India releases an Android app


Right To Information Act (RTI) of India has released an Android app. I only have one word : WOW., the website has garnered 2.25 lakh members in 4 years and RTI wants to reach out to more members with its Android app. Going the Android way is the best way to reach consumers because Android phones start from Rs. 5000 and go all the way up to Rs. 40000. Between that price range, majority of phone buyers would fall.

RTI India

RTI Android app is a free download and RTI has plans to release for iOS and Windows. No Nokia in that list. Why am I not surprised? Nokia still rules the roost with smartphones and India. Missing out Nokia in the upcoming list is surprising. Missing out Nokia in the initial launch and going with Android does say something about the smartphone OS’s.

The Android mobile application will allow users to send and receive personal messages and post questions about the RTI act on various forums, apart from other services. For those interested in exercising their rights, for those interested in exercising their rights, it will also catalogue all the information regarding the state and central government rules. (HT)

The Android app will allow users to send and receive personal messages, post questions get a load of information on RTI act itself. RTI Android app is a cross between a social network and encyclopedia. Well we have a word for that kind of stuff. It’s Quora. Let me review the app and find out if RTI’s Android app is the Quora of India’s Information.

Let me leave you with this note : Even if the app sucks, I would still appreciate RTI for coming out with an Android app.

Yet another indication that iPhone users in India are a real minority. Time to get some Android love. No?

Download the app here

Note from Arun Prabhudesai: I am not really sure who has released this app. RTI India is on VBulletin forums platform and surprisingly, the 5 screenshots of the Android Market App are that of VBulletin. I am not sure why RTI India would put screenshots of Vbulletin (one reason because they want to show the look of the app)

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