20 mbps unlimited internet for Rs.2500 in India – Why only in Hyderabad?


I have been harping about bad Internet connectivity for far too long now on this blog – and even a recently conducted survey shows that we are going from bad to worse when it comes to Internet speeds in India!

But a revelation has truly surprised me and has left me completely envious of Hyderabadis! I can say, if you live off internet – Move to Hyderabad!

A company in Hyderabad – Beam Tele – is offering super high speeds, that too on fibre optic for rates that are simply unbelievable!

beam tele


Beam Tele Internet Plans

Unlimited Data Plans
Charges in INR  
Plan Speed Monthly Half-Yearly Yearly
B-Max400 512 Kbps 400.00 2300.00 4500.00
B-Max600 1 Mbps 600.00 3300.00 6000.00
B-Max1000 10 Mbps 1000.00 5500.00 10000.00
B-Max1500 15 Mbps 1500.00 8250.00 15000.00
B-Max2500 20 Mbps 2500.00 13750.00 25000.00

Check the rates – for 10mbps unlimited internet it is Rs. 1000/- for 15mbps it is Rs. 1500/- and for 20mbps it is Rs. 2500/-.

When I came to know about Beam Tele – I was quite sure to find issues somewhere (either with their FUP or actual Speeds), without which, such low rates are just not possible. When I checked their FUP (Fair Usage Policy), I was even more surprised. It was one of the most consumer friendly FUP I had come across!

Beam Tele Fair Usage Policy

Table below describes Fair Usage Policy by package with effect from 01-May.
Package Name Speed FUP Limit Speed Post FUP
B-Max 400 512 Kbps 20GB 256 Kbps
B-MAX 600 1 Mbps 20GB 786 Kbps
B-MAX 850 2 Mbps 20GB 1 Mbps
B-MAX 1000 10 Mbps 30GB 2 Mbps
B-MAX 1500 15 Mbps 40GB 4 Mbps
B-MAX 2500 20 Mbps 60GB 6 Mbps

Just to give you an example a 20mbps line has 60GB Fair usage Limit and even after that user will still get 6 mbps…that is a sheer wow !!

Beam Tele Actual Internet Speed

After all this one would think that there is no way users will get even half the speed promised – but here is what a 3 year user of Beam Tele has to say:


I came to know about Beam Tele thanks to this Facebook discussion, which happened on our previous article on trak.in between our regular readers – Sharath Kaza & Amit Bhide – Sharath mentioned that he gets 20 mbps on fiber and that too at envious rate of Rs. 2500/-. On checking the website and his own usage of services, I was quite pleasantly surprised that the claims were true !

Why not other cities ?

The question is – If Hyderabad can have it, why not other cities. Here in Pune, we feel lucky even if we get 1mbps properly and that too at rates which are probably thrice as much as beam tele!

Question to Beam Tele – When are you launching in other cities of India, especially Pune! :)

  1. Laxman singh says

    You provide service in indiranagar bangalore or not. Reply soon.

  2. Haidar Mulani says

    I neet to 15 Mbps internet line in sangli
    My number is 9921438800

  3. […] service Beam Tele and rebranded themselves from ACT broadband to ACT Fibernet.  Back in 2011, we had written about Beam Tele and at that time they were offering an envious 20 mbps unlimited broadband connections at Rs. […]

  4. rijo says

    Clever marketing by beam.

    You get 125GB @ 16 mbps with bsnl landine pricing 5000

    Beam 20mbps costs 1660 and we get 40GB

    Its all the same.

  5. chanty says

    one of the worst connection i ever scene. Before we pay money, they promise us that we will give connection in 1 day. But for me, its tooks 5 days, still no connection. I called to customer care 30 times. No Result

  6. Sudhir says

    Today Beam tele has upgraded all of its internet packages for all of its customers.. Now 20Mbps costs ony 1660/- with 40GB FUP on download only(no FUP count for uploads), and a speed reduction to 6Mbps after crossing FUP

    1. Sai says

      You are Wrong. Speed after FUP is 4mbps on 1660 plan

  7. Kiran Fernandes says

    you should check out hayai broadband… they give upto 1 gigabits per second(approx 800 KB/s) and at really cheap rates… Its available in mumbai…. those who have access to the cable are like Kings of Bombay! well, sadly, I shifted to goa, and stuck on 512 kbps unlimited…

    1. Chandan Kumar says

      i am using beam fibre 10 mbps plan and i get approx 1 MBps download speed i generally download a movie in 6-8 mins

    2. Kiran Fernandes says

      hmm… Good for you… but beam isnt in goa… so lucky you…

  8. Alexi says

    wow i hope you are not lying. yay i am going for 20 mbps plan

  9. saif ahmed says

    beam is one of the excellent internet in Hyderabad !!!!!!!!!!!!! the good thing about beam cable is that if we failed to pay the monthly fee even if we get one month time to compensate the amount whereas in relance and idea,bsnl !!!!!!!! at a time your connenctrion will be secant if we failed 2 clear

  10. don says

    Extraordinary service,
    I applied for new connection They gave connection on same day,
    buy they were not giving id & password so I call them they gave me 10mbps unlimited for 2days(even though I paid for 512kbps plan)
    till I get the id & password.

    Now that’s what called service.

  11. Shadow says

    Beam Rocks, so far i have changed many connection the only service i have satisfied is Beam tele in speed wise and customer support wise. if your in hyd with out second thought i would suggest beam tele

  12. vinay says

    just remember…. their customer care really sucks… it takes more than a month to get a new connection now, ofcourse after paying the money. If u already have a connection, u r lucky.. But for new customers, u really need to have patience like me. ;) 23 days since i paid the money and im still counting to get the line

  13. sucharu ghosh says

    yea………pls in hooghly-kolkata……here bsnl 4mbps unlimited is rs 15,000/month!!!!!! :-(

  14. Zubair Shaikh says

    Beam literally Rocks,am usin’ BEAM 10 Mbps connection since last 2 months,am a movie freak,i love Downloadin’ BluRays from the Torrent portals,have already downloaded almost a Terabyte of movies,ain’t it amazin’,1 grand & it’s absolutely nothin’ if you compare it with the speed & service you get from Beam Fibre,Installation charges are 500,the installation charges are waved off if one opts for the minimum of 6 months subscription,you get the download speed of 1.5 to 1.8 Mbps when you have the Alloted FUP,250 to 280 Kbps otherwise,no disconnectivity or other issues at all,the services are simply awesome,am originally from Pune & the Best we get back in pune is 2 MBPS (Airtel Broadband) with FUP of 40 GBs after that the speed you get is 256 Kbps 7 that Sucks,Beam Guyz if you come across my post please,please,please consider launchin’ your services in pune at the earliest,would be a mighty favor…

  15. Ruben says

    Guys, you missed one thing, its not only 10mbps, its got a static ip free. using dyndns hosting, I have my own website. So for 1000 bucks, I have an awsome setup. Every evening I use the iMDB to scan for latest movies, and download them, (3-7 min average time) Now that I am bored with that I donwload serials, Bones, Start Trek Voyager, etc 1 season – 32 gb approx = 1 day. If you really are going to check email with it, stick to tikona. I can’t believe I paid 600 bucks and could not use google with it ! I mean the speed was so slow. In my last mail to them I told them please take your equipment and don’t bother me again, only to be called 6 times, and was even offered a free 1MB upgrade plan. Beam is awesome !!! * Just over 1 year on beam now. I don’t think you need more than 10MBPS, even after over usage, it still maintains a decent 1 – 1.2 MBPS especially torrent downloads.

  16. cav says

    I have 10Mbps unlimited plan and have paid for one full year(10K or 833p.m.). Though it says 10Mbps I get 10-18 Mbps!!!!!, and if that is not enough, most of the time,I get full speed even after I cross the limit.


  17. eatpepsi says

    Sorry to burst your bubble guys…the fup has been reduced to 1 mbps across all plans above 1000rs.. The good times just ran out ….

  18. CyberHacker says

    If you want password of any beam user if you have his email

    I can get you his password, But it will cost a little so if you think his/her account is worth hacking into

    Let me know my email [email protected]

    Or even if you want any random account to use for beam i can get you that too

    If your interested let me know.

  19. Maliha Naaz says

    what is the installation charges I want B-MAX400 plan wireless modem communication I want to connect it to my pc and laptop so can I get details about this and about modem charges 1st time connection please contact at this id.

  20. Ajai Kolarikal says

    Why only in HYD.. no other cities..

    1. Kiran Fernandes says

      you are in uae… so, the speeds there will be quadruppled(4 times the speed of what you get here)

  21. Prem Chowdhury says

    reliance is giving me 1mbps for 999 :(( and that is so sad in front of beam fibers speed….. india needs a wired internet revolution like mobile internet has got…….3G and now 4G on its way….

  22. Sanam Patel says

    Before reading this post I was happy with my currant ISP with 1Mbps @1000/- Now I am waiting In Ahmedabad for this Service…..

    1. Raaz Kumar says

      Get Life time free wireless INTERNET in Hyderabad only pay once enjoy lifetime high speed downloading direct from server 3000/- per connections.
      You will get unlocked data card worth of 2200/-
      and INTERNET connection at 1000/- for life.
      only 25 connections Available in Hyderabad from private net call 9542474654.
      [email protected]

    2. Rohit says

      Any idea which is the best plan in Ahmedabad? Wireless would be better.

  23. Jagan says

    I have been using beam tele 10mbps for more than 3months now. They brought in the new plans just then and auto upgraded my 4mbps 1k plan to 10mbps!! \m/

    The service rocks till it gets an interruption!
    Luckily, with 15+hrs of daily consumption, I got downtime not atleast once!
    But remember, their cust care sucks!

  24. Rahul Kumar Bharti says

    if you want to boom… please start your service at large scale..

  25. saikrishna7 says

    hahaha i use beam telecom.
    i think they provide only in Hyderabad.
    i use 1 mbps plan.
    soon going to get 10 mbps :P

  26. Prakash Ramanathan says

    Enna Koduma Sir..

  27. Amit says

    That’s what we need. In UK, 10mpbs unlimited broadband is offered at £10 to £15 (Rs 700 to 1100). In a country like India where you can potentially have millions of subscribers, it should be more than possible to provide such speeds at cost below Rs1000 pm.
    I wonder who makes these decisions in India and on what basis? We are really a poor country in terms of internet connectivity and speeds.

  28. kal says

    I am using the 20mbps pacakge from beamin hyderabad. Its really amazing. When i was living in the states 3 years back the max speed i got was 6mbps from comcast and it cost a lot more

  29. Trilok Chander K says

    It’s true
    i was a hyderabadi till Nov.2009.
    N then moved to Pune & really shocked to see the trash speeds provided here.
    Super Epic high prices & ridiculous speeds. :(

    Really sad to see…
    i wish i’m back to hyderabad & use BeamTelecom :)

  30. shre says

    dude it’s an terrific speed when will it come’s for tamil nadu any idea?

  31. Altaf Rahman says

    Woww !!

    I am using Tikona service (512kbps @ 500 per month incl taxes). As I use internet sparcely, just for mail checking and some chat. Some times their speed is OK, some times very bad.
    When I read this article I felt amazed. To be frank I never heard of this Beam Tele. I think they are in some specific locations (in and around Hitech city where the speed of net is of paramount importance). When you say they use fiber optic cables, that confirms that they are in limited areas only. I hope they expand their network to cover all of Hyderabad so that I too can take their connection so that I can watch streaming movies.
    If I meet any of them in our area, I will definitely request them to make Pune as their next phase :)

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