Android App for teaching Indian driving rules–But why ?


Driving Rules of India” is an Android app launched by Techpista. The app has free as well as paid version. App features traffic signals and its meaning. The paid version shows the penalty information and driving test. Sounds like a good option for someone who is going for a driving test the hard way.

Android App Driving rules India

For everyone else, I got a question… Do we need an app for driving rules in India? No wait. I have a bigger question. Isn’t driving rules in India an oxymoron?

Just who exactly follows driving rules in India. People really don’t know the difference between a white line and a yellow line on the road. They sure as hell don’t know the difference between solid line and a dotted line. If they know, then they really don’t care. It’s just not the citizens who are at fault.

The roads and the intersections are designed in such a way that the people who typically follow traffic rules will be willing to break them. For all of India’s traffic problems there are two solutions – a speed bump and a right turn block. The speed bumps come in various sizes and the right turn block will result in a maze of U-turns sometimes running in to an excess of few kilometres. But then I digress. The question is ….

Do we really need an app for this?

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  2. Altaf Rahman says

    Our education system should incorporate the basic GK in its courses. Like we have PT periods in schools we should have GK periods which are useful in their day to day life.
    I am not trying to demean India but I would like to say this : I know myself that most of the people are rural populace, who migrated to urban areas in search of livelihood or kids education or better living conditions (hospitals, banks, schools etc). For most of these people, a road is an open strip of land between structures which can be used for movement. The movement can be anything. Pedestrians, rickshaw pullers, bullock carts, scooters, bikes, cars, trucks. They are so peace loving people that they believe in co-existence. Al the above mentioned modes of transport share the same “strip of open land”.
    Now when they migrate to urban areas they bring with them their beliefs. Its not to be ashamed when we dont know a thing. But it is shameful if we dont learn a better standard of living. As the % of the people with a vague understanding of roads, traffic signals grow, they other people are forced to follow suit or else they be left behind. Its not only roads, you can find such mentality everywhere else. How many people follow queue at bus stands, theater ticket counters, ATM machines?
    Now next phase : Now these hard working people have kids who go to school get educated and travel abroad. But they still have attachments to these values.
    When you see the driving practices of second generation Indians and the first timers, you can clearly see the difference in driving practices. The first comers when they see wide, clean roads, they feel that the forign govts have laid the roads just for them.

    Some of the common patterns of these uncivilized people :
    1) If the traffic is sparce, you will find some of them making a quick dash to the other side of the road irrespective of signals.
    2) I have personally seen many times that if a person from the right lane want to move to left lanes, they politely show hand (request to be given way to cross over). Mostly they are allowed to pass in front of us. But the new comers think its their right to move first and in such belief they simply ignore the requester and proceed leaving the poor guys to wait until the traffic ends.
    3) When some one is flashing (asking to be allowed to pass) they are so rude they ignore the flashing light and force the guy to overtake from your right (in left hand drives)
    4) When these guys come across people who make simple mistakes, they glare in their faces and make rude signs even though the guy raises his hand (to appologize)

    Please guys dont think I am demeaning our own kind. Theese are some of the common behaviours of people wh did not get completely civilized and come from developing nations in Asia, Africa.

    What is required is these things should be taught in schools.

    Just my two paisa :)

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