Gujarati newspaper Sandesh goes for a 3D visual delight!


The movie Chota Chetan gave Indians the glimpse of the revolutionary 3D magic way back in 1998. However, it was not without the epic performance of the movie ‘Avatar’ that led to emergence of a whole lot of industry revolving the three-dimensional (3D) space, the physical universe.

The virus (the good one) of 3D technology spread across the visual industry spanning photography, computer graphics, wallpapers, movies, animation design, imagery, gaming, television sets and even print media – as if giving life to the artificial world of visual delight.

Yes, for some of our readers out there this might sound a bit of fresh news – the printing technology for newspaper has made some breakthrough when it comes to 3D newspaper edition; but it is not one of those most recent developments.

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This unique initiative from a Gujarati daily, Sandesh – that recently hit the stand with its 2.5 lakh 3D copies in Ahmedabad, showcased advertisements in 3 dimensional views for which special glasses had been provided with the feature.

This is what Parthiv Patel, MD of The Sandesh Ltd., had to say:

This is just a step forward in our endeavour to provide better mileage and opportunities to our business associates and offer a new experience to our readers all the time.

The leading regional daily garnered favorable response from various industry segments such as real-estate, telecom, healthcare, FMCG and retail outlets for 3D advertisements in their regular print ads slot. For sure, such kind of visual advertisements could be a promotional delight for an ice-cream joint or an activity that could spur the view of plush interiors of construction projects such as a high-rise residential tower and hospitals with 5-star amenities.

Having said above, it is not for the first time that 3D technology has been used in India for the print media. Rajasthan Patrika, a leading newspaper in Rajasthan, had come out with 3D print edition in Jaipur in 2010. In February 2011, Dainik Bhaskar had hit stands with 1.48 lakh copies for its Ranchi edition.

Does exciting opportunity await print media in form of lively 3D Ad revenue?

  1. Viral says

    Alkesh… Thanks for the information abt yet another newspaper group that has underwent 3D experience.

  2. Alkesh says

    Good article, but I would like to draw attention of the writer himself as well as everybody the the Divya Bhaskar (a Gujarati daily of Bhaskar Group) had also published its 3D edition the very next day, which was in fact announced much earlier.

  3. Altaf Rahman says

    A nice new biginning.

    As the auther said above, the cost of glasses are recovered from higher ad charges. Now if all the pictures in the news paper such as pictures in news, pictures in ads etc are printed in 3D mode, the glasses can be better used.

    Also some one told me that the glasses are very cheap. Anyone can make 3D glasses by pasting red and blue plastic paper to any frame.

  4. mediafire says

    i dont think so printing in 3D form takes much investment.. only to provide glass for the same is quite difficult.. but i think they have give to all.. so there should not be any problem..

  5. Sagar Bedmutha says

    Great Idea! But wonder how the cost-profit equation works in such high investment..

    1. Viral says


      I guess, the value-added impetus that 3D images could provide to the advertiser’s products, definitely deserves higher Ad revenues to the print media than the usual ones. This could more than effectively fund the cost of special glasses needed to be delivered along with the newspaper, without which the whole affair goes in vain :)

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