Nokia X2-01 – Cheapest Smartphone by Nokia.. Will it succeed?


The recent troubles of Nokia have been well documented. From their excessive spending on R & D to their laying off their employees in hordes to losing its market share quite heavily, it has been in quite some distress for a while. In such a situation Stephen Elop recently sent out a letter and held a press meet to announce that Nokia will soon move to the Windows OS.


All this while its market share has dropped from a high of over 70% five years back to 28% today in India. But Symbian is still the most famous mobile platform in India and is expected to retain that position at least for the next few years.

In such a dire situation, Nokia is coming up with a series of handsets specially designed for the Indian population. According to a recent study 78% of the estimated 11.5 million mobile Internet users in the country are below the age of 35 years. A majority of this group use the mobile to access social networking sites, chats and instant messaging features.

And this has given them the motivation to launch a series of these handsets with a QWERTY keypad with an easy option of messaging and emailing people directly from the phone itself. It also has all the usual facilities a mobile phone offers like Facebook, Twitter apps, instant messaging and chat options along with a music player, FM radio and a VGA camera. It has tied up with Airtel for providing 100MB of data download free for 12 months.

So why has Nokia suddenly decided to come up with such phones in India? Is it the competition from players like Micromax or Spice? Is it another attempt at saving their market share in India where it still rules? Or rather than all this, is this Nokia’s attempt at targeting the young Indian market who like their phones with all the usual social networking options.

If this is an attempt to tackle competition from Micromax and Spice which can be shown from its price of about Rs 4,000 [Buy Nokia X2-01], I really doubt it would succeed too much. Yes, Nokia is still a brand of trust in India. But today the difference between it and the Indian handset makers has really gone down.

Other than its cheap price, the phone doesn’t offer anything very significantly new to the customers. And the fact of differentiation lies in what the customers think is different and not the company itself. The time that Nokia was considered the epitome of phones has long gone.

And as time moves on Nokia will have to do much more than just fighting with their brands on price.

I seriously doubt that this would succeed in the Indian market. What do you think?

  1. Surendra says

    Well its very good device of nokia i think,bcoz its included a very good software,n music player,internet speed,video playing resulition, n most of common features is its 1900/2100mhz network coverage thanks nokia. Sk mandal nepal

  2. Arijeet Dasgupta says

    Nokia is strong and hard/ there 's no one to it pard!

  3. Christlee Naidoo says

    if it didn't succeed well in india, it sure succeeded in south africa!

  4. Joel Kadzatsa says

    Its very user friendly and offers as good as any other smartphone.Brilliant!

  5. kshitij magre says

    i like the phone very much
    smartphone for smart people:)

  6. Vipul Porwal says

    I like this handset.

    1. rokon says

      i like how much n more nokia phone

  7. Vyshak says

    This is a nice phone. Internet is so fast.. Great screen clarity.. Lot of apps from ovi store..

    1. Anand says

      But Ovi application can b stored in phonememory only its only difficult in it .Can it modify

  8. Harshit Rai says

    I like this phone.

  9. Cassie Thomas says

    its a very simple phone I like it..and the battery life is better than other smart phones.

  10. Italia says

    I like the fact that it has a full keyboard: make it easy to type SMS, emails, IMs, respond to social networks posts. You can use Opera Mini and Ovi Browser beta for internet browsing, which is nice. Phone can do photos and videos. A lot of applications are available in Ovi Store. Besides, this is a great music device: you can listen to your own MP3s and also to FM radio stations (it will even display song titles in radio!). Quick, stable and well thought-through. And price is more than affordable! Light and looks cool. Nice job Nokia!.

  11. Ynnej Hipolito says


  12. VAIBHAV says

    can think over for buying this goodie handset from nokia

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