Top 50 Fastest growing Indian Technology Companies


Deloitte Consulting, one of the largest professional services firm in India yesterday announced its ranking of Fastest Growing Indian companies and some of these companies have shown stellar growth, even during the downturn and Economic recession.

The Top 3 companies have collectively notched an average of over 1500% growth over last 3 years, which is really stupendous. FatPipe Networks India Limited, with a spectacular growth of 1765% over the last 3 years, was ranked as the fastest growing company. Ad2Pro Media Solutions Private Limited was ranked second fastest with revenue growth of 1649%. Third position was secured by iYogi Technical Services Private Limited with a growth rate of 1438%.

Top 50 Fastest growing Indian companies

Here are some of the insights from the Deloitte report:

  • The Software segment has again emerged as the top contributor this year. With the composition of 68% and unlike previous years where Software dominated with around 80% of the winners list, this year has seen a surge among other technology companies which are a little off the well trodden path.
  • Internet and Media & Entertainment are the key sectors which have shown growth compared to the previous year.
  • There is a significant reduction in the larger corporations (> INR 1 billion) from the winners list. Over the last four years, 44 percent to 54 percent of the winners have been from the larger companies (greater than INR 1 billion in turnover) whereas this year it has reduced to 26 percent.
  • The mid-sized companies (turnover between INR 500 million to INR 1 billion) have been the best performers and have significantly moved up from their stable state performances in the previous years

Fastest Growing Technology Sectors



  • There has been a significant decrease, from 28 to 14, in the number of repeat winners this year
  • 6 companies have made it to the list four years in a row which highlights the sustainable nature of the growth that these winners enjoy.
  • A significant number of newer companies have made it to the winners list this year. This combined with the surge in sector specific firms and product companies, perhaps indicates that that Indian technology sector is coming of age and is exploring newer options other than being confined to the generic services mould
  • Among the repeat winners many have over past five years grown to a significant size, which is a sign of good momentum.

Top 50 Fastest growing Technology Companies in India

No. Company Name %Revenue Growth Industry Sector
1 Fatpipe Networks India Limited 1765% Telecommunications/Networking
2 Ad2pro Media Solutions Private Limited 1649% Media and Entertainment
3 iYogi Technical Services Private Limited 1438% Computers/Peripherals
4 Pilani Soft Labs Private Limited 1025% Internet
5 Vriti Infocom Private Limited 687% Internet
6 Nexsus Techno Solutions Private Limited 433% Software
7 Nitor Infotech Private Limited 420% Software
8 Mobien Technologies Private Limited 416% Software
9 I-Create Software India Pvt Ltd. 400% Software
10 Kuliza Technologies Private Limited 361% Software
11 IDenizen Smartware Private Limited 353% Software
12 PK Online Ventures Pvt. Ltd. 310% Media and Entertainment
13 SMS Country Networks Private Limited 292% Software
14 UFO Moviez India Limited 278% Media and Entertainment
15 ZNet Technologies Pvt.Ltd. 268% Internet
16 Quick Heal Technologies Private Limited 244% Software
17 Nazara Technologies Private Limited 227% Software
18 Manipal Universal Learning Private Limited 221% Software
20 Fin-e-ssential Infotech India Limited 181% Software
21 Sai Infosystem (India) Ltd. 181% Software
22 Paladion Networks Pvt Ltd 179% Software
23 Eka Software Solutions Private Limited 175% Software
24 ValueMomentum Software Services Private Limited 171% Software
25 NextBiT Computing Private Limited 169% Semiconductor, Components and Electronics
26 Diksha Technologies Pvt Ltd 164% Software
27 Seclore Technology Private Limited 162% Software
28 Optra Systems Private Limited 158% Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment
29 G-Cube Webwide Software (P) Ltd. 153% Software
30 Manthan Software Services Private Limited 143% Software
31 Ninestars Information Technologies Limited 139% Media and Entertainment
32 Glodyne Technoserve Limited 134% Software
33 RateGain IT Solutions Private Limited 117% Software
34 LatentView Analytics Private Limited 116% Software
35 CresTech Software Systems Private Limited 107% Software
36 3i Infotech Limited 103% Software
37 Geodesic Limited. 101% Software
38 Anantara Solutions Private Limited 101% Software
39 Strand Life Sciences Private Limited 100% Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment
40 Quality Engineering and Software Technologies Private Limited 98% Software
41 IMI Mobile Private Limited 98% Software
42 ValueFirst Messaging Private Limited 97% Software
43 AurionPro Solutions Limited 91% Software
44 Camson Bio Technologies Limited 91% Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical/Medical Equipment
45 Intarvo Technologies Limited 88% Others
46 Cross-Tab Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. 85% Software
47 ICSA (India) Limited 85% Semiconductor, Components and Electronics
48 Mindteck (India) Limited 81% Software
49 Micro Technologies (India) Limited 80% Software
50 MphasiS Limited 76% Software

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