Weekly Wrap-up: Blackberry ban, MBBS CET exams, MPs salary hike, Google Maps, Chop Shop and more….


Last week, we introduced new feature on trak.in – Trakin Toons. Many readers have enjoyed seeing the satirical take on the subjects we write on.


Here is a quick wrap-up of the posts we wrote last week:

Indian Government is taking no chances with National Security – They have been slamming hard on Blackberry, 3G and other mobile services, precisely for the same reason.

Indian Film Industry is growing and world is opening up to Bollywood films – Now Hollywood Producers and Distributors are investing in India.

Government recently announced its intent to have a single common entrance test for MBBS starting 2011 – This was one of the most discussed subject of last week.

MakeMyTrip IPO in NASDAQ was a grand success – Infact, it was the best IPO for U.S stock markets in past 13 years !

Another talked about subject last week was the Indian MP’s salary hike – They demanded 5 times raise in there salary, however, in the end Govt. decided to increase salaries by over 300%.

We now have Rupee Symbol featured on Mobile Phones as well – Lava Mobile’s Q5 launched a variant which has a rupee symbol embedded on their ALPHA keypad.

Google has been in controversy again for showing PoK as part of Pakistan and this is not the first time that Google has done this !

Although we keep talking about Indian IT bell-weathers, Tata’s and Infosys all the time – IBM is a darkhorse of Indian IT Industry who employ 2nd largest IT workforce in India after only TCS.

Here is a look at wealth amassed by Political parties and its leaders – They are quite literally money making machines

Here is a very pertinent question – Inflation has been consistently so high in India, have we become immune to it ?

Oxford dictionary in their latest edition have added over 2000 new words to English language – Tweetup, Chillax, Netbook, Vuvuzela and Paywall are some of them.

Finally, our 3 Trakin Toons released this week

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