Mcdonalds – First OOH campaign in 8 yrs!


Mcdonalds – one of the biggest food chains of the world and well loved in India too is back with a bang painting the cities of Bangalore and Mumbai ‘RED’! Yes you read it right! They have embarked on a massive outdoor campaign after a gap of 7 yrs and it looks to have snatched some eyeballs for sure.


The campaign is really simple. It focuses on the value for money proposition with the billboards and hoardings highlighting single products along with the price. In Mumbai, the campaign has covered 47 billboards and 27 bus shelters while in Bangalore it has covered touch points. The main reason for choosing these two cities initially was the fact that both of them have the highest number of McDonald’s outlets.

Despite the fact that McDonald’s is loved across all ages in India, it has accumulated losses throughout its 14 yr stay in the country. But one thing which has always stood out is its constant innovations in terms of products such as Aloo Tikki Burger, Maharaja Mac which are completely India centric. Recently it started a new campaign wherein if a customer who comes between 7pm and 10pm wouldn’t get his ordered food within a minute, he would be liable to a free soft drink.

And now, this outdoor campaign is set to create some more waves as it moves into newer cities. Two factors which make this campaign standout from the others are –

  • The thought of this campaign comes from the Happy Price menu which involves great food at affordable prices and that’s a cracker of a combo for the Indian public
  • The impact and imagery is brilliant with the red colour as well as only few elements such as the logo, price, brand name and product shot

McDonald’s believes in engaging the customer at multiple touch points. Its Happy Price menu is its first scale attempt at OOH media in a long time. But there are many more initiatives in the pipeline in the days to come.

Do you think Mcdonalds can achieve some success with this campaign or will it be the usual run–of–the mill like others?

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  1. forum says

    i really wonder whether these advertisements will affect a lot coz kids or even other age groups do go to eat at such places. it is as it is crowded most of the times. and investing more in promotions will just attract more crowd.

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