Finance Friday – Green Investments for a Green Future [Part II]


Our last post ‘Green Investments for Green Future’ spoke about Green/Clean Technology being one of the fastest growing sectors. With increasing Government support and growing public awareness and interest in eco-friendly products, these companies are poised to grow tremendously. We also mentioned three companies (Praj, Suzlon & Moser Baer), that are involved in development of alternative energy/fuels.

Taking forward our last post, we are presenting to you the Green Investments for Green Future-II, where we bring to you 3 other green companies that offer completely different eco-friendly green solutions through their products/services and are poised for future growth.

Thermax Limited:

Thermax Ltd. provides a range of engineering solutions to the energy and environment sectors. It offers products like Process/Power Boilers, Heat Recovery Boilers, Vapour Absorption Chillers, Waste Water Management, and Pollution & Environmental Control Equipments. Its Vapour Absorption Chillers alone help to reduces Green House gas emissions by almost 50%. With its expertise in recovering industrial waste heat, Thermax also helps the energy-intensive industries to tap their waste heat for power generation and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

Private as well as public sector companies are rapidly adopting such environment friendly products. In future, Thermax is well positioned to leverage on the available opportunities arising from rapidly growing industrial base in India.

Jain Irrigation Systems Limited

Jain Irrigation Systems Limited is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of irrigation systems. It offers a range of products, which mainly include drip irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation systems, valves, water filters, green houses etc. Micro Irrigation system and components produced by the company conserves water which is getting scarce day by day. The company’s water-efficient irrigation systems help farmers to use 40 percent less water on an average, which means that a lot more water stays in the aquifer or river, where it benefits the ecosystem. Also, farmers are getting benefits in the form of "more crop per drop".

Jain Irrigation is one of the most promising green technology companies in India. Micro Irrigation impacts the environment directly by increasing the green cover. A country like India, where irrigation penetration level is still very low, offers huge opportunities for Jain Irrigation in future.

ION Exchange India:

Ion Exchange India offers a complete portfolio of advanced environmental solutions and services spanning water, liquid & gaseous effluents, solid & hazardous waste management and waste generated renewable energy, for infrastructure, industrial, municipal and household applications. The company is market leader in design and engineering of the water treatment plants in India, with market share of about 35%.

Waste water treatment provides some relief to the rapid depletion of water resources caused due to excessive use of the resource by industries. In India, Industrial waste water treatment industry is growing at the rate of almost 15% pa and is more than US $ 2bn. Though globally, the water waste management business is growing at 10-11%, India offers better growth prospects (around 20-25%) based on huge business opportunities offered by growing industrial shift towards water management and favourable government policies. Being the largest and most efficient player in the industry, Ion Exchange is expected to grow rapidly in future.

Considering future opportunities, these companies indicate a good potential in future and should be closely monitored. As we have mentioned earlier, these companies could really prove to be our best investments if caught at the right prices. Also, don’t forget to check out the fundamentals of your selected green company before you invest.

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