Western & Southern India better on Well Being & Female Security Index !


Southern India stands out when it comes to general well-being of citizens, so does Western India as compared to other parts of the Country. In eastern parts of India people lack well being, while in North India scores very low when it comes to Female Security.

These are some of the findings of report released by management consultancy firm TSMG (Tata Strategic Management Group) on the Well Being Index (WBI) and Female Security Index (FSI).

It is interesting to note that some of the economically and socially well-off districts (Which rank best on well-being index) are among the most insecure places for women to live. One such district is the Capital’s business hub – Central Delhi – which ranks ‘best’ on the Well Being Index (WBI), but ‘worst’ when it comes to Female Security Index (FSI) in India.

Here is representation of WBI & FSI



Key Findings on Well Being Index

  • Eastern and Central India are markedly worse than the rest of India
  • The Northern states of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi are amongst the best.
  • Even within the same state there is significant disparity amongst districts. For
    instance, huge variation across districts in Karnataka is noticeable: while
    Bangalore is amongst the ‘Best’, Bellary and Gulbarga are ‘Bad’ and Bijapur,
    Koppal and Gadag are amongst the ‘Worst’.

Key Findings on Female Security Index

  • There is a clear divide between North India on one side and South & Eastern
    India on the other.
  • Most districts in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka & Andra Pradesh are votes “best” on FSI
  • while it is exactly opposite for districts in Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, UP & northern region where most districts are voted “worst”.
  • Uttaranchal and Eastern UP fare comparatively better
  • Some large states exhibit huge disparities among districts for e.g. in
    Rajasthan, Dungarpur is classified as ‘Best’; Bhilwara is ‘Good’ while Alwar
    and Kota are among the ‘Worst’.

This is bit off-topic, but it just highlights the fact how diverse India is, in every aspect, be it the culture, language, food habits, religion, prosperity etc etc. To top that, we are a Democratic country. Sometimes, it is a surprise how our government even functions :)

What are your thoughts ?

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  1. Bonda says

    This is too risky. In the capitalistic mode of wealth acceleration, the gap will only widen and adds too much friction. Something has to be done to bring up every state together on same lines.

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