WOW ! Indians more happy than most countries in the world – Surprising…


Not withstanding poor infrastructure, poverty, Chaos, bribe, corruption and so many negative things, Indians are still some of the most happiest bunch of people living on this Earth. Infact, we are fourth in the world when it comes to “Happiness” quotient !

Indians are ranked 4th happiest after residents of the Netherlands, Canada and Australia  based on satisfaction levels with the areas where they live. Germany & United States rank just behind India rounding off the top 6 happiest nations.

Happy People

These are the findings by Market research company Ipsos Social Research Institute, who interviewed about 23,000 people if they were satisfied with their local area and found that job prospects, clean streets and the level of crime and public transport were major factors in people’s happiness

I find this quite interesting – India, even though it is among the poorest of countries has ranked much better than countries whose average per capita income is probably 10 or 20 times more than Indians.

While Dutch are the happiest lot with 85% people happy with their neighborhoods, people living in South Korea are least happiest, with just 35% showing satisfaction with their job prospects, infrastructure, level of cleanliness & public transport.

While I feel great that Indians are generally a happy lot – It is quite surprising that India fares so well given the criteria defined by the survey for happiness – job prospects, infrastructure, level of cleanliness & public transport.

I can understand that Job prospects in India are much better than most countries in the world but for all the other parameters, we are one of the worst (there is absolutely no doubt).

What is your take ? Why are Indians one of the happiest nations ?

  1. Rishikesh Rafting says

    We are happy and its true and that’s why a specific group of foreigners love India for. They can see a smiling rikshaw wala paddling in the scorching heat of Delhi and several other poor but smiling faces and its not even about poor even a majority of rich people have good heart ( the exceptions are always there ) they donate, they are religious. You will not find the same with people from several other countries. Keep Smiling :) India

  2. padma says

    I think Indians’ happiness comes from their simplicity. We are relatively a more simple people (complex culture, but simple people) compared to those of many other nations. Ever seen how we celebrate our festivals? That “khulke” attitude just shows that we’re open about our happiness and our sadness and that we truly believe that there are others we can share our feelings with. We’re definitely not a lonely lot.

  3. Madhav Shivpuri says

    Here is the survey link –

    I am not sure how seriously I can take the survey results. Some times I wonder whether people should be polled based on their income group, travel within their country and abroad (to both developed and developing nations), education etc.
    If such factors are considered, I think there can be a more meaningful inputs to the survey otherwise it could be like the proverbial frog in the well.

  4. Nikhil Bhagia says

    my take is tht there is a difference between being happy & being satisfied!!! if i am happy……..tht does not means i am satisfied!!! :)
    besides, we have a chalta-hai attitude, we can adjust to anything, don’t care a damn, we are too weak individually, & the collective orgs have no soul!!!
    Happily discontented!

  5. Vasudha G Sharma says

    I really don’t find it surprising that Indians are amongst the happiest in the world! Yeah, sure we have “physical” infra related issues…no roads, no water, not public transport, and the list goes on.

    But what makes up for most of it is the extremely robust “social” set up that we have. Indian joint families is god’s gift to working couples! :)

    Seriously, the fact that we can depend on our family, and sometimes even our neighbours in times of need, does help to reduce stress levels while juggling between home and work!

    That and the typical Indian attitude of “chalta hai” which enables us to be largely tolerant of others’, and our, mistakes, helps us to be relatively chilled and “happy”!

  6. Ashish says

    We are happy because ignorance is bliss :-) .

  7. Aditya says

    I think we are the happiest coz we are the most hopeful nation. Thats probably coz we have a bright future. and one of the very few nation that is optimistic about its future :)

  8. Altaf Rahman says

    When I read this article, I can not help but come up with a funny scenario as to the origin of the market survey. I ask you to excuse me to make fun of such serious survey.
    Imagine a poor villager, migrating to City.
    Now I visualize the market research company executive catching hold of this migrant and asking him ” Are you happy with your city infrastructure? Are you happy with your neighbors? Are you happy with level of cleanliness? Are you happy with the public transportation?”
    I cant help but smile at the obvious answers.

    And here is the result of the survey. India is the 4th most happiest country on the planet!! (Inspite of daily struggle to make ends meet, inspite of rising prices, inspite of crowded transport modes, inspite of corruption, inspite of deseaces, inspite of everything, they still are happy.)

    As I said earlier, please dont curse me for being unmindful of the seriousness. Just wanted to share lighter moment with all.

    In reality may be inspite of all hardships, people are content and satisfied with what God has given them.

  9. Mehul Kar says

    Where is this study? The link you provided just goes to the IPSOS home page.

    That is very interesting though. I’d think the culture plays a part in the happiness maybe? Or maybe the survey was taking place when the cricket team was doing well :P

  10. Priyanka D says

    Recently I remember reading somewhere that measuring Indians happiness needs different parameters, cause we are a lot more ‘family’ people. So it depends on how our family, community is doing to make us feel happy.
    Its not just about the individual parameters like job, money etc..

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