Reliance Unlimited Mobile Talk for Rs. 299 only !


Mobile Call rates are at their rock bottom, one of the lowest in the world – However, just when you think that call rates cannot come down any further, there is another news which has come – Reliance Communication, the second largest mobile services company has launched and unlimited talk plan, that too for only Rs. 299/- local and Rs. 599/- for STD.


Although, there is not much talk about this plan in the media – It actually is quite a big deal. Imagine that you can talk the whole month on mobile locally for 300 bucks and around India for 600 bucks. No varying fees and worrying about mobile bills. Just call and talk and talk and talk…

Uninor recently announced the unlimited plan, but it was for select group of users like unlimited calls for students etc. But this offering by Reliance beats all that.

The best thing is you can be a pre-paid or the post paid customer, it does not matter – Anyone can subscribe to this plan !

This is nail in the coffin for land-line phones though – They are very shortly going to become endangered species I guess. Last couple of years they are constantly showing negative growth, and with these kind of plans, there is actually no reason for anyone to keep a land-line at home – It’d be ridiculous. I have already done away with my land-line phone a couple of months back !

What does Simply Unlimited CDMA Pack entitle you to:

Reliance to Reliance Local calls
Reliance to Non-Reliance Local calls
Reliance to Reliance STD calls
Reliance to Non-Reliance STD calls
Validity (Days)

How to get the new plans activated on your phone?

For Existing Customers

Following modes are available for CDMA customers to load the unlimited packs

  • E-recharge from any Reliance outlet
  • Activation using self care SMS mode
  • For Activation
    • Local Pack – SMS ‘LOCAL’ to 51111
    • National Pack – SMS ‘NATIONAL’ to 51111

For new Customers

New customers can subscribe to Reliance mobile service through any of the ‘Simply Reliance’ plans & then load the Simply unlimited pack of their choice.

What are you waiting for? Load the Simply Unlimited plans on your handset to enjoy ‘unlimited’ calling experience & witness substantial savings.

Local Pack Details

  • Free unlimited calls to any Local Reliance Phone
  • Virtually free unlimited calling to any Non-Reliance Phone
  • National long distance calls at 50p/min
  • SMS/VAS/ILD services at regular tariff
  • Pack validity – 30 Days

All of the above with single recharge of just Rs. 299!

National Pack Details

  • Free unlimited calls to any Reliance phone in India
  • Virtually free unlimited calling to any Non-Reliance Phone
  • SMS/VAS/ILD services at regular tariff
  • Pack validity – 30 Days

All of the above with single recharge of just Rs. 599!

  1. V V Manghani says

    I had taken a Rel gsm nano sim for my new phone from Juhu Gali Rel Mobile stores on 27-10-2015 @ about 7.30pm. I was assured that it will be activated in 20mins.This is not done even after 24Hrs.I have been calling the stores very frequently but there is no action. In the morning nobody was attending the phone, then there were different persons who were to be told the whole matter.Finally one Aarti who said she check
    Thereafter since 3.30pm I am calling regularly but there is no response.When will my sim be activated? What action will be taken against such irresponsible agents?

  2. debasish mohanty says

    after checking reviews i fill 299 plan is not good & reliance company has giving only 30 minuited per day to call other network.
    but as per company add they give free calls to other network for 30 days.
    please stop giving this type of add in website .

  3. manish dubey says


  4. Abhijeet says

    The biggest trouble is that public is made to suffer, and no one dare to come forward. TRAI is useless, TRAI is such a big organization, does not know anything about this advertisement ? is it beleivable. TRAI should take action even before public scream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would say TRY this TRAI also along with telecom companies !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is also a scam, I would say very straight forward, to loot public. But Mr. Reliance please remember, that you cannot fool all the persons all the times.

  5. Shaik Aleem says

    every time i will recharge Rs:399/-, & need 399 plan only……!

  6. Manish says

    Yyyp simply a great plan for reliance not for their users.

  7. dinesh pawar says

    I am the regular user of reliance there is scheme of reliance package of 399 Rs out of that you will get 175 talk time and reliance to reliance unlimited call no charge only the 299 scheme is not good take only the plan of 399.

  8. Ravi Chaturvedi says

    they are suppressing that scheme of 299 gives only half an hour daily to other local call. reliance is unreliable.

  9. Roger Dale says

    I agree… the service is very bad.

  10. Umakanth Raju says

    Reliance service is most horrible. I have paid Rs 299 at Reliance center near Saptagiri Towers Anantapur, AP. Actually I was driving from Hyderabad to Bangalore and had to re-charge on the way. After paying the amount I left the place and the amount was never credited. I called numbers 08554-320066 and 320088 and no body could offer any help. I had to drive back and ask them to do the needful. But no one knew what to do. One Mr Shaik Mohd Hussain came forward and started using abusive language and refused to activate or to give my money back. He literally told me to complain to any body – Mr Mukesh Ambani or his father. As I was getting delayed I had to leave with out any recourse to redress.

  11. Divya Dalapathi says

    Most unreliable, even after paying Rs 299, amount is being deducted for every call. I have paid 299 on 10th December at KK Tele Links Reliance center Receipt No.10604 and the amount was not credited to my account. I had to go back 3 times and request them just for crediting my account. Most discourteous and horrible service.

  12. Aarif Gul says

    not so bad.

  13. Adarsh Tibrewal says

    for this month they have increased the validity to 45 days.

  14. abinash says

    hii i am abinash, sir Reliance to Non-Reliance Local calls or Reliance to any local network Unlimited Mobile Talk for Rs. 299 only ! it is real

  15. pankaj says

    these plans already in air by TATA INDICOM since last 1 year as i m already using these plans …
    so its not a new plan
    just a copy of other’s plan

  16. Bhavik says

    The Reliance is the most reputed company of India but the scheme of 299 and 599 they have provided is totally a fake scheme which does not give the benefits which it showed in commercial adds and it is a disgraceful thing on name of great Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani
    Mr.” who so ever ” responsible for this disgrace should be shameful to do this and cheat customers.
    While taking your new connections you people tell k we are a family so mr. responsible this is what u do to your family members cheat them
    this is very shameless behaviour to reliance family members

  17. saurabh jain says

    u r really a big bullshit ass kkind of a person
    if u say airtel is bad u go to hell
    not cz i hav 1
    i use vodafone
    but airtel is d best network in india…

    1. Poo says

      Saurab.. agree with u regarding Airtel n even Vodafone is good..

    2. anuj says

      yaar itna hyper kyu ho raha hai :P

  18. Suvankar Barai says

    Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone, this three are most bad service provider in this year 2010.

  19. Suvankar Barai says

    If Reliance is not good then who is good?

  20. Huzefa says

    This is not an UNLIMITED calling plan. It has a limit of only 30mins to non reliance network per day. Reliance is fooling around people.

  21. Prof.K.D.Sudhakaran says

    A well known firm like reliance is offering unlimited call facility to existing and new customers under Rs.299 plan and at the same time limiting the call duration to other net works to 30 minutes per day is simply a cheating.Please extend this duration to 4 hours per day.

    1. Poo says

      Sudhakaran… y plead for 4 hours, when its said to be UNLIMITED????

  22. kamlesh says

    299 pack is a very frauad pack of reliance communication of india. If reliance telcom has ability to 299 unlimited pack to any network then come forward and show it true.

    1. santosh kumar verma says

      just i have Need Local Calls Unlimited plans

      1. Mittal Jani says

        Please get a plan of 49 R to R for 7days.

  23. Nayan says

    As rightly pointed out 299 Pack gets only 30 min/day of calls to other networks and not SIMPLY UNLIMITED as advertised by RComm.

    Misleading promotional activities like this should be penalised heavily!!
    does SIMPLY UNLIMITED means 30min/day…. and the ad no where mentioned the cap of 30 minutes per day !!

    A bad move from RComm!


  24. Dc says

    It is high time TRAI intervened and penalise these companies for wrong catchy phrases which is actually misleading.

    “Fair Non Commercial usage cap of half an hour per day would be applicable for Non-Reliance calls. All Non-Reliance calls beyond 30 mins/day will be charged at 50p/min”

    This is purely an Unfair Commercial deal…

  25. manoj says

    This company are telling lies bcoz they are telling that they will give unlimited local cal on any network but i went to gallery and then they are telling that they will give only 30 free local minutes to any network in a day and 2700Appro min for rel to rel.
    then how they are telling there is unlimited local calls to any network.
    so now as your wish

  26. Altaf Rahman says

    I wish some telecom company looks to giving such attractive rates to International calls.
    Actually I dont understand why ppl have to pay any thing at all. Once telecom companies install infrastructure (buildings, network, towers, satillites) all run virtually free of cost. All the expenditure that comes is running cost (salaries to employees, elec bills, taxes) which are virtually nil compared to the whole set up. So once telecom companies get back their investment, they should offer free calls anywhere (by collecting monthly nominal charges for running costs).

    1. SHANKAR says

      Where is unlimited plan, 299.00 is pull talk time plan. Reliance bleme us as a unlimited plan. and Know customer care staff also not respancing me. Reliance is one of unfaithfull company. same on your survice
      shankar V B

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