Who Watches IPL- A Comprehensive report!


This is continuation of my earlier post published in Media Monday!

Here is the more comprehensive report. The charts are self explanatory:

IPL 2010 Report: Detailed Analysis by iDubba

1. Team popularity Index-

Step 1: Percentage of SMS alerts set against each team


In the above graph Y-Axis is the percentage of alerts which were set for individual teams on iDubba. From the graph it’s apparent that ‘Mumbai Indians’ is the favourite team of TV viewers and is way ahead from its first competitor ‘Deccan Chargers’. ‘Deccan Chargers’, ‘Kolkata Knight Riders’ and ‘Delhi Daredevils’ got similar number of SMS alerts set against them. IPL 2008 champions ‘Rajasthan Royals’ is the least preferred Team for setting alerts.

Step 2: Number of Players from each team for whom SMS alert is set


Data shows that ‘Mumbai Indians’ players are most popular. It’s not just about Sachin, in fact total players for whom SMS alerts are set for Mumbai are a whopping 19. That means most of the players enjoy a great deal of Fan following. It’s clear that non-performers like Sehwag etc have a major effect on any team’s non-popularity. Delhi Daredevil’s has not got a single player against whom SMS alert is set.

Step 3: Percentage of total alerts set for players in each team


Step 4: Calculating Team Popularity Index

%age of[{Number of SMS alerts set for individual Team + Total SMS alerts set for individual players from each team}/Total number of SMS alerts set for teams and Players]-


Not much change in the top 3 list. But ‘Delhi Daredevils’ suddenly moves to last position just because its players are not generating any interest among users. ‘Rajasthan Royals’ moves to a respectable 5th position and surprisingly ‘Kings XI Punjab’ even with their dismal performance till now has managed 4th position.

2. Most watched Players during IPL-

It’s now a well known fact that people watch IPL mostly to see their favourite players batting or bowling, and with so many Top players from around the world it’s actually a treat to watch IPL. But it’s really difficult for you to get an insight into the favourite players of users. That’s why we came up with a detailed analysis on this. Here are top players on iDubba against whom maximum alerts are set-


Some interesting facts from above data-

1. Gilchrist enjoys a wider fan base than Saurav Ganguly.

2. Dwayne Bravo is more popular than Rahul Dravid.

3. Nine Indian players are there in top 16 list and rest are foreign players.

3. Most active Cities on iDubba during IPL-

iDubba has seen very good response from across cities for our special IPL feature. And we thought of sharing some of the important data which will help you analyze the IPL interest among internet users based on various cities.

NOTE: Since we are based out of Noida, you can see it as a top City in most of the data analyzed below. But except for Noida other cities should give you good information related to user activities. Our analysis has been done after more than 10,000 views and hence all other details are generalized and non-biased.

For IPL Prediction Game:


1. For IPL Alerts feature:


2. Team-wise activity of various cities:









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