Best Five – A relief for SSC Students !


There is big relieving news for over 16 lakh students of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) from Maharashtra state where class 10th exams are slated to begin from today. The State education minister Balasaheb Thorat has announced the policy on the ‘Best five’ system for junior college admissions.


According to this new policy, out of the six subjects that students appear for examination, they can opt to consider the results and performance of only 5 best subject scores while applying for the admission in junior colleges.

The students will have a choice to drop any subject among four, namely Mathematics, Social Sciences, Science and Hindi, where they fear less score. However, the languages – Marathi and English — will be compulsory.

The New system will be in sync with the ones in the national boards. The CBSE has only five subjects in the Class X board exams, while the ICSE board counts the best five (English plus four others) of the seven subjects that students have to appear for.

I feel the above step will also ensure lesser pressure on the students from Maharashtra even if they may be weak in a particular subject. Suppose a student is brilliant in all subjects except Science. He can still cope up with this weakness and compete with other students while seeking admissions on the back of his strength in other subjects.

It will also help state students to compete students from other boards to level playing grounds while seeking admissions is well-known junior colleges. It is often a matter of few marks which spell decision of prompt admission in to the reputed colleges without the assistance of fund donation.

The over all percentage scored by the student will be based on the total of best scoring five subjects. However, the student will have to pass in all the six subjects. The ‘Best of five’ scheme is for the purpose of relieving the pressure on the student in order to offer leniency in a subject where the student is relatively weak as compared to other subjects and students.

Do you applaud the state’s decision in allowing level-playing field to its students in comparison to other state boards of the country?

  1. Dhara Chellani says

    its totally wrong. it will not be much helpful for us. as we are non maharashtrians we cant score good marks in marathi as compare to maharashtrians. so its not helpful for us especially for non maharashtrians.

  2. sayyed rizwan says

    yaaaaaaaaa its awesome , i mean i am weak in maths ,so iam able to drop it …….

    now i am gonna score 80+

    1. jay says

      If i failed in geometry and passed in algebra so what will happen

  3. Anushka Abhijeet Bagul says

    if a student fails in 2 subjects… then will the student pass due to best of five policy.

    1. shriya savardekar says

      No, Anushka Abhijeet Bagul if a student even fails in one subject also, the rule will not be applicable for that student to pass the ssc std x board exams. The student will have to pass in all the six subjects even if this rule is been conducted for only 5 subjects.

  4. Aabha Meher says

    why izz marathi compulsary azz well. it would be diffecult for de non maharastrians. itz nt like best of five , itzs like best of 3 from de remaining 4 subjects which are usually eassy 4 many students. I don't think dis new system would help much. it should be totally our choice which subjects we want to consider.

    1. eshan says

      Yes I too agree u. M also weak in marathi ,marathi should not be included..

  5. khushang parmar says

    is best of there for tis year please reply meeeeeeeeee i am in stress as my maths is weak my family is not allowing to take lower mathas

  6. shivshyam says

    Is mathematics is cumpolsury. IF not then is there consider only individual percentage of subject.pls repply me.

  7. Kayomarz says

    what about students weak in Marathi &other languages but very good at sci &maths

  8. Pr?shñå Tàt? says

    I Am Soo Happy Guys..
    Thanxxx Alott Who Announced This Best Of Five.. :-)
    Its Very Important For Me.

  9. Shaun Ferreira says

    I M WEAK in marathi….. y r they keeping marathi compulsary… I hav not written anything in that subject.

  10. Aakash Daple says

    but in maths the marks are out of 150…then how do they calculate marks accordingly.

    1. Jasmit Kaur says

      hey how mch did u scored ?

  11. Rajat Mishra says

    English is compulsary…………i don't know that!

  12. Aditya Deshpande says

    who said that marathi is compulsary….give some proof…

    1. akshay says

      is marathi compulsory????
      did u get maratih too in best of 5 included

  13. Yash Kothari says

    Is it valid 4 SSC.

    1. Shaun Ferreira says


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