10 numbers on a single phone from Airtel – but why?


Airtel is trying out something new. Not radically new but new nevertheless. A phone can have 10 numbers attached to it and it will only have one SIM. The dual SIM technology and the ruckus around it turned out to be a big waste of time.

The 10 numbers will be attached to a SIM or a phone virtually. It works just like a computer. 10 users will have bharti different passwords and will use the same phone. Apparently this technology is used for 2 numbers by SingTel of Singapore and Etisalat of UAE.

Developed by Bharti-owned Comviva Technologies, the application comes embedded with the SIM card and offers users to “opt” for his number whenever the user requires it. The user group will be password protected with each user having his own password to access his phone. Airtel is reportedly undertaking field trials of the service. Comviva, in co-operation with South African operator MTN, already has the service in South Africa. Airtel expects the technology to be operational in two months time and India might see the first services roll out in the rural areas of the country. (TechTree)

Sounds intriguing but I am a little confused. The password would be used for outgoing calls which can be clearly segregated. What about incoming calls? How can we differentiate that?

It is clear that this service will not be used by 10 different people as purported. If 10 people really use this service then it is as good as a landline. Only difference is everyone has their own number. That would defeat the purpose of owning a mobile. With mobile’s and the rate plans so cheap this service looks obsolete even before it is launched.

Even for  single person use, more than 2 numbers is a mess. I have only one phone and one number and quite happy with it. May be I am not that busy. Hold on. Let me rephrase that. I don’t receive as many calls and hence did not feel the urge to have 2 numbers or go for a dual SIM technology.

What about the rest. Am I the only one who is missing a point here. Is there really use for 10 numbers on a single phone?

  1. Jeeten says

    I also feel that I can use such numbers to register on websites like SMS Gup Shup and all..
    My personal number will not be distributed :)

  2. Rabi Gupta says

    I guess people with roaming will only get help if they can have different numbers from different locations? Am I correct? And if yes, is airtel planning to have that?

  3. Jeeten says

    Guys.. I think you all are missing something here.
    This technology will surely help people with duty pagers and also people on heavy roaming !!
    Go Airtel !

  4. Sriram Vadlamani says

    I thought I was the only one.

  5. Mithilesh says


    This is useless. dosent make any sense. I suggest Airtel to do some of the best things for the support services rather then these uselss stuff.

  6. Rabi Gupta says

    rightly said, this service doesn’t make any sense to me either. The one and only advantage of Mobile over land line is it provides personalization at any point of time (I will not talk about it being mobile as its a cliche now). With 10 numbers people will be more confused in this already high tech confusing world. Let’s see how Airtel advertises this, may be then it could make more sense!!!

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