My image of America has changed with Barack Hussein Obama winning the presidential campaign – in a very very positive way !


American President – Barack Hussein Obama !!!

Yes, John McCain, an American Hero and War Veteran has conceded defeat to America’s now the first African-American president Barack Obama.

Till couple of years back, I thought America was not anywhere near to accepting a Black President, but thats the reality today – and with it – America has changed for me positively…forever.

Yesterday, one of my colleagues asked me a question – Do you know who is the MLA of your constituency, and I was unable to answer – The reason he asked me was my such heavy interest in American politics while being completely ignorant about what was happening locally.

The reason is simple – This Obama win means so much for the world order today – I will give my reasons for why I feel that some other day. For today, lets just enjoy the history that has been witnessed by all of us.

One question that I would like to put forth for my readers – Are you as excited as I am for Obama win?

  1. Edward Talmo says

    Barack Hussein Obama is in fact President elect but how and why does he continue to say that he is the first African American President? He is 50% White and 44.75% Arab with only 6.25% African. Legally he is not an African American but if he choose to be something other then American he should state the correct racial profile which is Arab American. Was this done just to gain the trust of Black America?

  2. Ravi says

    An individual, even a US President does not make much of a difference at the ground level that quickly. The current economic crisis and their roots go beyond Bush to Clinton and Greenberg’s decisions a long time back. Whatever Obama institutes/executes as his policy will have repurcussions in the next decade. If good, the president at that point in time will steal the credit and if bad lose credibility. Just as Lalu may just be benifitting from Nitish’s policies for railways. Probably was’nt quick enough to mess it and on seeing that he was getting a good name chose a non interference policy.

  3. Sriram Vadlamani says

    I am happy for Barack Obama and the african american community. That is where it should end. This win is blown out of proportion by the world media and Indian media specifically. Obama made only two remarks just briefly, one about outsourcing and other about kashmir. Those remarks got more coverage than the Gautam Gambhir’s ban and Chandrayan. I think Indians are happy that unlike Bush, Obama knows India exists.

    Let me assure you that Obama is not god. He cannot fix America in 4 years which was screwed up mostly in the last 8 years and largely in the last 2 decades. His policies will not be drastically different.

    America’s hegemony will cease, not because Obama is the president. But because America is not the force it once was. China rules the new world order. India and Russia come to a close second. America knows it. Since Obama is well read he knows it better than anyone else. All the slick talk is election rhetoric.

    This euphoria will last for 3 more months. Reality sets in when he walks into the office on Jan 20, 2009.

    Please do not expect miracles.

  4. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Akshat, and thats precisely why I think my image about America has changed. With an African American at the pinnacle, I am sure the big brother arrogance will recede. Not only that I think Obama, unlike Bush, has it in him to bring about the much needed change for a country like America…

  5. akshat says

    hi arun

    its good that he has won – it would have been a disaster if Mcain had won and Sarah Palin was to be the VP…brr

    i do hope that the US changes the way they see the rest of the world and their arrogance comes down a few notches.

    best of luck to Barack.

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