Top 7 reasons why Apple Iphone is a big flop in India


iPhone came to India with a bang. That bang lasted only for the night of the launch. Since its launch it has been weighed, tested and found wanting.

Here are the 7 reason why iPhone did not work in India.

  1. Cost is too high for a phone which offers no new features except the touch screen. Priced at Rs31, 000 for 8GB and Rs36,100 for 16GB most of the phone buyers felt it’s not worth it.
  2. There is no 3G network yet in India. Though the 3G auction process is complete and the spectrum is allocated it takes a while for the service providers like Airtel and Vodafone to roll 3G enabled services out. It could be in early 2009, which is a good 6 months away. So why pay for a service which cannot be used?
  3. People are waiting for Nokia N96. Seriously, most of my colleagues have said that Nokia N96 is a better phone and they will wait for it rather than going for iPhone. Sure the iPhone’s touch screen is good and its iPod music playing capability is awesome but I would rather not spend my money for just that. I want more. Besides, the brand value of Nokia in India is pretty strong and Apple has to work really hard to break that. iPhone did not give a compelling reason (other than the touch screen) for people to leave their N series phones.
  4. Hygiene factors are missing. Many features which are a given in a phone that costs you Rs4, 000 are missing in iPhone. I am not sure why they were but, video recording, cut paste, sms forwarding (how can you miss this) options are lacking.
  5. Consumers are waiting for the price to drop. This has been the case for a while now. I bought a 4GB iPod Nano for Rs.18, 000 in March 2006. I have checked backed into apple store after 6 months and for the same price they were selling 30GB iPod video. It is an apples and apples comparison and they did not match. So, I think apple will cut its prices and people are waiting for that.
  6. Alternative routes to acquire the phone at a cheaper price. iPhone crazed are the people who mostly work with technology. They usually know what the going rate of iPhone overseas is. So, it is not hard to get an iPhone 2G for $200 and unlock it for Rs. 1000 here in India. I am not sure if this route will work for 3G. Since there is no difference between 3G and 2G right now in India this would be a steal. Even the rising dollar would not be a factor here.
  7. Apple’s monopoly did not go well with Indians. Apple has ingenuously designed products and equally ingenuous monopoly. Indian consumers do not want contracts. They would like to change phones, change numbers whenever they want. They do not want to be married to a number and a phone. Besides, when you buy a phone at such an exorbitant price, how can you justify the fact that you cannot change your phone for a different number or a different vendor? I am finding it hard to justify. Only Steve Jobs can answer that but until then Nokia might rule the roost.

iPhone in India has a long way to go. Unless the prices are slashed and apple ties up with other GSM service providers it might never take off. We just have to wait and see if rolling of 3G services might give it a second life. A price of Rs. 20,000 would find more takers at least for the 8GB version.

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  2. Parminder Singh says

    your centre don't tell the same things which you have written above totally fraud case.

  3. jini builders says

    Thanks for sharing..

  4. Noor says

    When you buy iPhone 3G + talk plan from the service provider(e.g. airtel), do you buy it in a 2 year/1 year contract? And if you are in a contract with the service provider and if you break, you have to pay pretty good amount for it ???? If there is no contract system in India, than the price is okay.. the $199 is the price you get it when you sign a 2 year contract like I live in singapore and i got it for $300 with a contract. If i wanna buy without a contract, its around $900. ..

  5. RT @karrio: “Top 7 reasons why the iPhone failed in India” –

  6. karrio (Karri Ojanen) says

    “Top 7 reasons why the iPhone failed in India” –

  7. Derek says

    iPhone needs to get its act right when entering the Indian market. Just because you’re cool outside doesn’t make you cool here. And with a high price and all that schwag, you’re getting no where. Indians are smart and don’t believe in following the hype unless the products actually worth.

  8. aseem singh says

    i hav an iphone 2g wich i bot 4m us 4 200$…
    i unlockd it alos…bt sm of my frnds say da phne wil get relockd in 2yrs or may even in a month…is it so?????????????????????

  9. says

    Another interesting post on why iPhone didn’t “ring” to the expected levels in India

  10. Sriram Vadlamani says

    Saurab you are right. That is available online and the guys who unlock use the same thing. But I have to put that up for the uninitiated guys who have used that. I know of people who used that. If we take the 1000 bucks out it becomes even cheaper and more compelling go the alternate route.

    Thanks for the comment.

    1. shuvjeet roy says

      could you please tell me the date for this article of yours.. i need to refer it in my assignment

  11. Saurabh says

    Sorry to nitpick, but you don’t have to pay 1k to unlock the iPhone. I haven’t paid a single Rupee for it, neither have any of the people I know. The unlocking software is free and easy to use (

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