Dignitysecondcareers.org : Job portal for senior citizens


Finally something for senior citizens on the net ! ICICI Prudential life and dignity foundation announced launch of a job portal – www.dignitysecondcareers.org – for senior citizens.


I must say this can become a real boon to retired and senior citizens. Each one of us have surely come across senior citizens who have wealth of experience in their kitty and have lot of time on hands – and want to work. In most cases, it is not for money, but they are just looking for a productive way to spend their free time.

Retired people above the age of 50 years can post their resumes on the portal for a small fee of Rs. 100 (I do not agree with this, they should have kept it free). Employers can access the resumes for jobs which suit the profile of the candidates

Even from Employers point of view, they do have jobs where they can utilize the skills of senior citizens. There are also social organizations and NGO’s looking for people to do voluntary work. dignitysecondcareers portals helps them to reach out to senior citizens willing to work.

My only reservation is that portal comes across as very amateurish and not much effort has gone to make it aesthetically appealing. I hope ICICI is serious about this and take effort in promoting it to masses !



    Dear Sir,
    I am a retired person, age 61,
    Name: Tushar kanti Ghosh
    Date of birth: 25th December 1956
    Educational Qualification: Diploma in Mechanical engineering
    Experiences of service: from 1985 to 1998, 14 years’ experience in maintaining diesel motor vehicles, diesel road cranes. From 1998 to 2016, 18 years’ experience in maintaining and trouble shooting of diesel – electro locomotives at Indian railways.
    Experience in shop floor maintenance , group work, Short term experience in store maintenance, material procurement. Experience in computer handling.

    Mobile no. For communication: 8910569107
    Present status: Retired from present service on 31/12/2016
    Willing to perform and lead any group work.

  2. JAYAKUMAR R says

    Is this Portal active?

    How come no one has posted any comments for several months?

    Has it been able to place Senior Citizens regularly?

    If no, what do you think is the reason for failure of a good idea, please let me know.

  3. Ashish Chakraborty says

    I am 61 yrs. having experience more than 40 yrs.as a admin work and security officer. I’m interested in doing any suitable job in Kolkata (10 AM to 9 PM). Salary is negotiable.
    Ashish Chakraborty

  4. Subir Adhikari says

    I am 67 yrs.having experience more than 40 yrs.as a govt.civil contractor,a diploma holder in mechanical engg. I’m interested in doing any suitable job in Kolkata.

  5. Randhir Singh says

    I am a person with accounting background,I also have marketing experience but unfortunately unemployed for the very long time I am ready to work at any level.I will be highly obliged if any person gives me chance to serve with bachelor accomodation.
    I know Hindi,English,Punjabi,Urdu and I am learning French.

  6. irwin antao says

    I am textile technocrat worked as Director Institute in Central Govt Institution I am basically B.Sc Tech from UDCT Bombay and presently staying at bangalore.Having about 35 years of experience.I am ready to work at any position

  7. V R Annapragada says

    Hi, I have 38 years of manufacturing in heavy engineering industry. I am graduate from IIT and was responsible for operations of M N C factory. I am happy to work again. If anyone is interested please contact me. [email protected]


    EXPERIENCE: a) 40 years service at the Calcutta State Transport Corporation.
    b) At the verge of retirement the post held was of Charge-hand (Supervisor).
    c) Personality Development Certificate from Ministry of Labour, Govt. of India.
    d) Certificate from Ashok Leyland Ltd for Service Training Course.
    e) Also got training from BEST (Bombay).

    I am physically sound and capable of doing all sorts of physical and supervisory (traffic, Security, Engineering and shop job office) work with responsibility. All authentic documents will be submitted at the time of interview. With a recent passport photo pasted above.

  9. shrikant says


    I am retd Ex officer of Bank and worked almost all categories of the bank especially with credits and still fit . Presently working as concurrent auditor . If u could accommodate in your KPO/BPoit is fine for me . I am Pune base. Pl do contact me.

  10. Ramkumar Narayan says

    Hi, I am 53 years old. I have 20 years of Accounting Experience. i was working for a Diplomatic Mission in Mumnbai and have taken voluntary retirement. I am looking for a change in my job carrier and I am looking for some job in an NGO. I am prepared to work either under a administrative unit or accounting unit. I will be happy to work for your organization.

    Awaiting for an oppurtunity to work and waiting for a favourable reply.

  11. Nasir Beg says

    I am 64 years old. I have small agency work in Kolkata. But a lot of spare time. I have good administrative skills and can manage any office independently. I am looking for a change.

  12. t.gunasegar says

    I am member of dignity foundation interesting to meet you would like use retired
    life good cause.

  13. PrabirKumar Bagchi says

    I am at the verge of achieving Senior Citizen status with 3 years from now. It gave me immense pleasure to know that there are portals who provides, guides to get job for people after retirement.

  14. Radhika says

    You can also visit ExpertEase (www.seniorexperts.org) which is a FREE online portal that is designed to connect senior professionals (> 50 years of age) to Indian organizations and NGOs that require their wisdom and expertise.

    ExpertEase provides an easy-to-use and free platform for seniors (active and retired individuals) to connect to organisations across the country in an effort to find new jobs (part-time, full-time, consulting assignment) or volunteering opportunities.

  15. Cvvenkateshan Venkateshan says

    There is a free job portal for senior experts (over the age of 50) called ExpertEase (www.seniorexperts.org) which can be used to find job opportunities in India.

  16. Cvvenkateshan Venkateshan says

    There is a free job portal for senior experts (over the age of 50) called ExpertEase (www.seniorexperts.org) which can be used to find job opportunities in India.

  17. N S S P Sastry says

    I am a process control instrumentation specialist with 45 years of rich experience in petrochemicals,fertiliser,steel,paper and cement industries.Hale and healthy.Looking for opportunities to work as consultant in my field in India or abroad

  18. Balmiki Singh says

    I have retired from Gail(PSU) as Chief Manager.Prior to Gail I had served in OIL INDIA LIMITED,UNIVARSITY OF DELHI ,AIRPORT AUTHORITY & INDIAN AIR FORCE.I have aquired rich and varied experience in Oil& Gas sector in the fields of Telecom/Instrumentation/SCADA.I had good exposures in Project Managements also.Fire in the belly continues to remain ignited to contribute something constructive to the society.I am quite good in administration,Training/Counselling.I can be reached on my email/mobile/ landlines.They are as under:
    Email– [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Landline Nos-0124 2385228/2392228
    Thanks & regards
    Balmiki Singh

  19. Col (retd) Tapan Dattoo says

    I have walth of experience of 35 years in Adminstration,Facilities,Strategities,Customer Satisfaction. Am in the process of winding up my tenure with IBM in early 2011. Would like to contribute to Bangalore and India for another 10 years.

    Particularly interested to take on roles of, Corporate Planning/Strategies, Advisor for Facilities Organisations- as a Business Partner on Fixed remuneration and profit sharing-stake.

    Any one intersted- Please contact- 9740111005.

  20. Fresher says

    This jobportal niche is a concept which I would say.. something very different !!

    Lets see how it turns out to be in future.

  21. vijay says

    The website would surely help seniors who want to continue with some job after retirement. My best wishes

  22. Higher Education in India says

    Nice to have this type of website ,It’ll help the upcoming student to choose there career. I have some thing to share too.. i find it very useful.

  23. Soni krishnan says

    hi i am soni having experience in Banking for 22 years worked in almost all the departments operational as well as administrative i was happy to know that we can get a second chance to work again i will be happy if u can accomodate me in icici call centre since it is located at thane i think it would be a pleasure to work again .Waiting for ur call i can keep myself busy i am a VRS optee

  24. gitashree says

     I am an ex-employee of  a renowned Dutch multinational organization, having 29.7 years of work experience.  I  opted for the voluntary retirement scheme w.e.f. 1.1.2007. I  graduated from Loreto College and possess excellent communication and co-ordination skills.  I am confident that my vast experience in a renowned multinational company and skills in multi-tasking would benefit the organization. I am adept in handling day to day administrative and business activities, having worked in  Corporate and Product Divisions.  I have received performance awards for consistent efficiency and personal contribution.   I have efficiently coordinated and organized major corporate events like company’s AGM, EGM, Board meetings,  seminars and high level expatriate visits to Kolkata.  I am proficient in Management Information System and have extensively used MS Windows, Lotus Notes, Outlook and MS Office in preparing reports and presentations.   I shall be grateful for an opportunity to offer my services and contribute effectively in any capacity.    GITASHREE

  25. C Narasimhan says

    It is a wonderful idea to help senior citizens in this way.  As any senior citizen
    can vouch, they are generally neglected in the society because they are aged
    and are in the evening of their life.   Except a few percentage of senior citizens
    in India who are financially sound, the remaining really suffer.   Though the news brings rain, many senior citizens will not be able to work for long hours, but can spare 3 to 4 hours a day.  Being a retired Head of a department in the
    Canadian High Commission I prefer to do social work to keep me busy.

    1. Veena Reddy says

      Dear sir

      Can we which part of city r u coming from so that we can do the needful



    2. C R Narasimhan says

      Thank you and I appreciate the actual status of a senior citizen

      when a person is retired and is living without any source of income,

      society neglects him.

  26. COL..Prof. N.JOTHILINGAM says

    A noble & timely venture!Having been a very well qualified engineer & MBA with a wealth of turn around & corporate building experience as a Sr Vice president of an MNC & CEO of industries, I do not waste all my expertise which I can gainfully employ for another 7 years.I hope it works.ANY TAKERS?

    1. Veena Reddy says


      Thank you very much for response.Let me know from which city u r approaching so that i can revert back.



  27. Shylaja.K says

    Very nice to have this site exclusively for us. We need not feel conscious about our age.

  28. R.aparanji says

    It is going to be beneficial to both seniors and the society/ country.

  29. Priyanka says


    I think this is a wonderful venture by ICICI! Thanks for bringing it to my notice.


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