After People’s car, India gives world ultra-cheap mobile phones !


India showed the world that Rupee 1 lakh car is very much possible and now Indian mobile company SPICE has showcased a mobile handset, sans screen display  for as less as Rupees 500. Although, the price point is not fixed the mobile phone should cost some where between $10 to $20 (Rs. 390 to Rs. 780).

Last year Reliance had launched its ultra cheap classic mobile phones with a price point starting at Rs. 777

Peoples phone spice India

Spice Imedia unveiled a groundbreaking product range of mobile that includes the world’s cheapest phone, called the People’s Phone, and a high end movie phone that plays mini-discs.

Paul Shoker — CEO, Spice said, “The people’s phone, if you like, is going to be priced at well under twenty dollars and we are looking to take that in terms of distribution around the world.”

The people’s phone coincidently also comes in a braille edition, that follows hotly on the heels of the people’s car also from India. Commenting upon the same, Paul Shoker said that it is not a coincidence, however, at the end  of the day what the company is looking at is the emerging market, especially in India. They are focusing on a mass market product. There are a lot of people in the nation who have not yet made a phone call through a mobile.  source]

Can mobile phones get any cheaper than this?

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  2. Pooja says

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  3. Pooja says

    India slowly and gradually creating its niche in the world market by first building the cheapest car (Tata Nano) and now the cheapest mobile phone produced by Spice, it’s true that Indian are doing a good job no doubt, but in order to cut the cost of the product, are they compromising with the quality and will it be safe for the users?

  4. Arun says

    Words of wisdom :)

  5. Shabbir Husain says

    Examples of Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid!

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