India now a global hub for Television commercial production


I have mentioned this earlier – I love creativity of Indian advertisements. They are not only fun to watch, they also create a lasting impression on viewers mind.I have seen numerous television ads in US and UK, but very few ads seem to capture viewer’s attention. Even during the game day (American Super Bowl Finals), when the cost of 30 second slot runs to nearly $ 3 million (11.5 crore rupees), very few ads manage to impress the viewers.

Whereas, in India you will find numerous unforgettable TV ads beaming everyday, especially during primetime soaps and Cricket matches.

Creativity of Indian Advertising agencies is now attested globally with Indian becoming the hub for outsourcing TV commercials and has more than one thirds of market share.

Creativity coupled with low cost of production makes India one of the most attractive markets for outsourcing of TV commercials.

The cost of outsourcing a commercial to India is 20-25% less than what it costs at its closest competitor Malaysia. The savings on cost for line production in low-cost countries are 12-38%, with India providing 31% savings. Outsourcing end-to-end production can help save 44-77%, with savings in India pegged at 68%.

Availability of directors and crew members at low fees, and relatively cheap rental of equipment in India make the country the least expensive amongst all low-cost destinations. Most line production (70%) and end-to-end production (20%) are outsourced to India.


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