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NEN Online, an encyclopedia for new and future entrepreneurs, recently announced their tie-up with IAN. Indian Angel Network (IAN) is a unique concept which brings together highly successful entrepreneurs and CEOs from India and around the world who are interested in investing in start up / early stage ventures which have the potential of creating disproportionate value. The partnership was formed to connect Indian startups with angel investors.Together, NEN and IAN will connect Indian Startups to Angel investors through joint events and pitch sessions, and facilitate the investment submission process.

Apart from funding, the Network also provides mentoring, strategic thought leadership and leverages the Members’ networks for the investee companies.

Areas of Angel Funding

Currently the partnership is looking to do angel funding in following sectors.

  • IT Products & services and Internet space
  • Retail
  • Biotech & Pharma
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Education
  • Telecom and embedded domain startups

Angel Funding Size

The Network looks at investing from about USD 100,000 to 1 million, and exiting over a 3 to 5 year period through a strategic sale. The Network may consider investments over a million dollars but is only likely to do so through syndication.

Angel Funding Criteria

The Network is likely to fund startups that have

  • High Barrier to entry into market
  • Complimentary management team
  • Scalable Business
  • Startups having innovative and unique product and service or process, either in concept or implementation stage

Process for Angel Funding

Startups looking for angel funding can directly apply online. They will have to first download the guidelines in the template below to prepare the business plan:

Elevator pitch template (please download and fill out the template)

The startups will have to then write a business plan in not more than 2 pages along with a 3-4 slide presentation covering various aspect of startup business.

Submit your plan & presentation online

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  1. K.Nambirajan Iyengar says

    Our project manufacturing of Special alloys, and special materials is stuck due to lack of trust between ourselves and our bankers.We have had some mistakes in the prepareing of our project report. We are in requirment of Rs 3.25 Cr, which will enable us to clear our bankers and consentrate fully on the development of the project

  2. Ranjeet Singh says

    A big news for indians, a new funding website is launched to help indian start ups. the site name is http://www.venturefund.com
    Best of luck for your startup

  3. rahul says

    hi everybody i m born innovative,and i can do inovation in many field,but at last i realized that my innovation should come in market then only it has got value, as i m innovative and i have come to know the process of starting any new business.so i wanna start a school where i can teach youngesters and women that how to get and idea and how to convert that idea in to business, after that i wana start degree course in innovation to business.i have planed to open more branches in india by giving franchisee, this school will help to get people and to encourage them to start new business, as well as it will be nice place to get people those who are looking for investment,and many venture capitalist can make very god money by invetsing money in th business or on those kind of people whose life is didiocated for the success in their respective business. plz help me to start this. i m lookinh for some fund like 3-4 lakh. plz call me-9611583910

  4. Raj says

    We are a business group based in Chennai , Tamil Nadu from the past 100 years.Our major businesses are non-banking finance (hire purchase), Packaging industry, Textiles, Diamond & diamond jewellery ,and real estate. We are looking at a minimum funding of 15-20 crores.

    1. Lalit says

      Hello Mr. Raj,

      I have a biz plan and an interesting if not innovative venture to do.
      It has Import exports also.
      And am also looking at funding of approx 25 crores over 3 years.
      If I go by ur post and u r looking to fund approx 20 crore, then u can please write me for the meet.

      Thanks and Regards.

    2. Lalit says

      Hi Mr. Raj,

      U may contact me directly thru my email [email protected].

      Although this platform if tech startups, but being a techie myself, my venture is related to F&B and Retail……………Future of India.

      Do let me know if u r interested.



    3. K.P.Sunilkumar says

      I started my company in 2012 april.I have entered into an MOU to do a JV to build 4 flats very near to peenya industrial area bangalore.i need 55 lacs funding to build the four flats.i have taken BDA approval and architect and structural plan is under finalization.
      i will give a good returns on the investment.


  5. Mahesh says

    Hi All,

    I got a chance to present my business ideas in investors meet ( as Indian Angel Network Claimed ) at Bangalore recently. I was completly dispointed with their approach, It was not on the right track. I found couple of Investment analysts prettending as angle investors in the meet and they simply does not have any idea about the shortlisted companies business sector. Instead of identifying the mutual interest between the entreprenuers and investors, those people were going ahead with thier own conclution ( Typical indian style of lending ).There are certian things which i would like to talk with investors in a second or third round were questioned in the meeting without identifying the mutual interests.

    what i felt in the mmet was, the mmet organized by indian Angel network is completly a time passing event for them. I never observed any serious approach from thier end, They gave 15 minutes time for Pitch and both of us failed to come out with a result from that, since they never understand the difference between an invester pitch for 15 minute and a business plan presentation.

    My suggestion is ( for INDIAN ANGEL NETWORK PEOPLE ), do not put immature angels in future for investors meet, Do a teleconferance with entreprenuers before inviting them to a pitch,

    DO NOT DO A MARATHON MEET like what happened recently in BANGALORE.

    only 3/4 people attening all entreprenurs, SO WE CAN EXPECT THE OUT COME…


    i think there is a chance for number of angel groups in india..those who does not follow the meaning less IAN approach..


    better to inform the peeple that..they can not do..

    It was a clear evidence of indian angels/angel networks

  6. Ravi says

    Also see this website http://www.Go4Funding.com It is simly a great site that connects entrepreneurs and angel investors, across the globe. They have excellent articles to educate about angel investors and it is a free site. You can post your idea and see whether you can attract investors.

  7. angel investor says

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