Serve Under-Privileged Children

– By Akshat Srivastava

We are supporting this school in Adgaon,  taluka shrivardhan – Raigad. The Name of school is – Adgaon Prathmik ani Madhyamik Shala
There are around 400 students – both boys and girls. My friend Chetan Patwardhan has built a house there and has sponsored 10 kids, I have donated some money to buy cupboards etc. We are now planning to donate some computers, musical instruments and also want to sponsor more kids.

Here are some snaps of the school Children that you will be helping !


Anyone who has spare computers or any other gadgets which can help in teaching please do contact us or simply fill up the form below.

  1. Arun Raghu says

    Dear Sir

    This is really really grt…I wonder, could there be a provision where I could transfer a small amount every month…Please let me know


    1. akshat says

      Hi Arun

      We are supporting it so dont need donations just now – will contact you if we do

      thanks for the support


  2. akshat says

    ok so gave the harmonium last week – the teacher was thrilled.

    the next time we go he has promised a music session with the kids –


    now the tabla needs to be bought

    gday all

  3. akshat says

    update 2

    bought a harmonium for the kids – was requested by the primary school teacher who wants to start music classes.

    will post snaps once it is delivered to the school

  4. akshat says


    collected 7000 rs plus some cds today – thanks to arun and ketan

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