Petition To Ban Pornography By Amending IT Act Filed in Parliament


A petition has been filed by a Jain priest Vijayratna Sunder Suri and Rajya Sabha MP, Mr. Vijay J Darda that calls for ban on cyber pornography. The petition filed to the Rajya Sabha “Committee of petitions” notes that cyber pornography is having serious negative affects on younger generation in India.

The petition goes on to say that majority of Indian population is below 35 years old and this population is getting digressed, distorted and distressed on account of the growing free sex culture through cyber pornography.

Petitioners have further stated that Cyber pornography is creating an extremely bad effect on the adolescent children and even adults giving rise to various types of problems of psycho-physical nature, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), sexual deformities etc.

The petition wants the IT Act, 2000 to be amended by making Pornography on computers and mobile to be a criminal act. It also demands that producing, distributing as well viewing of such sites should attract severe punishments.

Currently, in India, producing and distributing pornographic content amounts to crime, however the law does not state anything such for viewing the content.

The parliament committee has taken cognizance of this petition and will undertake consultations with cross section of society to arrive at the decision.

Our Take

This is not the first time this kind of petition has been filed. In April this year, similar PIL was filed in Supreme Court seeking modification of internet laws to make watching pornography a non-bailable offence. That time, Social Media was abuzz with jokes, angry and sarcastic reactions in regards to this PIL (remember #pornban?)

Last month DoT has released an order to all ISPs in India to block 39 porn websites and forums.

With pornography ban being pushed from various quarters, there is a chance that IT act may get amended in this regards.

But in our opinion, if such a ban (partial or full) comes into affect, on ground things might not change much. If anything, consumption of porn may actually increase. I am sure everyone remembers what happened when Savita Bhabhi was blocked…. it became more popular and now we also have a Savita Bhabhi animated movie.

Rohit Srivastwa, Cyber security expert and founder of says “All such plans & ideas of restriction are fake attempts. More you restrict more you make them used. Can you ban khazuraho in India? Can you ban Konark temple in India?”

Full Copy of Petition

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